August 29th 2015

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COVER STORY Same-sex marriage and the SOGI ideological agenda

FAMILY AND SOCIETY Canada: basic freedoms lost since same-sex marriage came to town

CANBERRA OBSERVED Abbott, Shorten fixin' for some feudin' next year

OBITUARY RIP Frank Scully, last survivor of the Labor Split

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EDUCATION There must be a better plan than Naplan

HISTORY OF INDONESIA Sukarno makes way for Suharto's "New Order"

HISTORY Fateful indecision: the tragedy of Rabaul

FAMILY LIFE A father's presence in the home: part I

SCOTUS: JUDICIAL ACTIVISM On the having of the cake and the eating of it too

LIFE ISSUES When an abomination becomes good business

CINEMA Spy sequel vies with a spy history repeat Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation and The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

BOOK REVIEW An important biography of B.A.

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COVER STORY Same-sex marriage and the SOGI ideological agenda

by Patrick J. Byrne

News Weekly, August 29, 2015

The experience of Canada and the U.S. raises serious questions about attempts in Australia to legalise same-sex marriage and to expand anti-discrimination law.

Same-sex marriage is part of a libertarian-sexual revolution that involves having all sexual orientations or gender identities (SOGIs) as legally protected attributes of the autonomous individual. The revolution also involves legal and cultural attacks on the institutions that teach sexual morality – the family, the churches, schools and the law.

The groups involved are various human-rights groups, law lobby groups, academic groups, same-sex marriage lobby groups and others. Among them are 30 organisations that told the Federal Attorney-General’s 2012 inquiry into the consolidation of anti-discrimination laws that they wanted no exemptions or narrow exemptions or time-limited exemptions for faith-based agencies, and none for businesses.

What is the agenda?

1. To insert sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) as protected attributes in anti-discrimination laws.

Allegedly, there are now four types of sexual orientation and up to 56 socially described forms of gender identity. Some of these 60 SOGIs are already recognised in federal and state laws.

2. Then to institute differential treatment.

To treat unfavourably or to offend or insult in any way on the grounds of SOGI would amount to discrimination under present tests in federal and state anti-discrimination laws. (For example, section 18c of the Racial Discrimination Act defines it as illegal to speak or act in any way that a person could claim has caused him/her offence or insult on racial grounds.)

Consequently, merely saying that children do best with a mum and dad, or raising questions about any SOGI, could amount to discrimination.

3. Anti-discrimination laws are then implemented by courts, human-rights tribunals, professional associations and authorities registering organisations such as schools and radio and television stations.

4. Same-sex marriage is a critical part of the agenda.

Same-sex marriage would mean the union of any two people with any SOGI recognised in anti-discrimination law. Family would be radically redefined. The combinations and permutations of families would be mind-boggling.

5. Once SOGI and same-sex marriage are recognised in law, TOGETHER they become a mandatory part of school sex-education classes and permeate the whole curriculum.

Not to teach all forms of marriage and family involving recognised SOGIs would discriminate against those SOGIs and forms of family excluded from the curriculum. A 2006 Australian Education Union policy says, “homosexuality, bisexuality, transgenderism and intersex need to be normalised” in schools.

6. Same-sex marriage “exceptions” and “exemptions” can progressively be removed from the law.

They will be narrow. They may exempt a minister of religion from performing a same-sex marriage, but they won’t stop those with SOGI “protected attributes” from demanding to participate in church activities and from hiring church facilities for weddings and functions. (Already in Victoria a church youth camp was fined for declining to hire out their facilities for a gay youth camp).

Further, if “exemptions” in same-sex marriage law conflict with anti-discrimination law, then the courts will decide whether they continue.

The strategy: enforcing the new agenda on all areas of society. It seems that the strategy is to legalise same-sex marriage and over time to entrench SOGI as “protected attributes” in anti-discrimination law. Then people expressing dissenting opinions will risk prosecution in courts or by human-rights councils, or be disciplined by their professional organisations, or censored in the media or on the internet.

Punishments and enforcements could include: fines; being directed to sensitivity training (re-education classes); facing discipline by professional organisations; loss of job; being denied future promotions; losing charity/tax-exemption status; losing government funding/contracts; cancellation of business licence by licensing authority; requiring schools receiving state funding to have gay-straight student clubs, under the guise of anti-bullying programs; requiring companies to have SOGI policies as a condition for government funding.

Download the Australian Family Associations pamphlet, Who will be prosecuted


Utterly destroying family values

Brenan O’Neill, editor of Spiked, says: “They used to say love and marriage went together – in the gay-marriage movement, it’s authoritarianism and marriage that are bedfellows. Coercion is built into gay marriage.

“[G]ay marriage is not actually a campaign to expand equality, far less freedom, but is better seen as the main mechanism through which modern society now challenges traditional cultural norms, through which society expresses its dislocation from, and its growing disdain for, the old-world values of family life, family sovereignty, long-term commitment, loyalty, and so on.

“We have seen the weaponisation of homosexuality, the transformation of it by sections of the political and media classes into the focal point for the expression of hostility to the straight world – which means not just people who are sexually straight, but also so-called straight culture and straight values, straightlacedness itself, ways of life that are based on commitment, privacy, familial sovereignty, things that tend to be viewed by the modern cultural clerisy as outdated or worse, dangerous and destructive.”

(“Same-sex marriage: coercion dolled up as civil rights”, Spiked, April 30, 2014)

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