August 21st 2010

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CANBERRA OBSERVED: Australia's future in the balance

EDITORIAL: Our neglected area of policy: the Pacific

FEDERAL ELECTION 2010: Vote Green: a good way to wreck your investments

FEDERAL ELECTION 2010: Green policies 'anti-Christian': Cardinal George Pell

FAMILY POLICIES: Let families decide how they structure their work/life balance

LABOR PARTY: Emily's Laundry? Emily's List whitewashes website

POLITICAL IDEAS: The chilling creed of the radical libertarians

BUSHFIRES ROYAL COMMISSION: Lack of political willpower haunts Victoria

VICTORIA: Babies born alive, but left to die?

NEW ZEALAND: Kiwis wary of China's murky takeover bids

UNITED STATES: One unelected judge nullifies will of majority

FOREIGN AFFAIRS: US election a referendum on Obama's presidency

ASIA: Burma fast becoming China's new Tibet

AS THE WORLD TURNS: Sharia law's relentless advance / Mosque at Ground Zero / Britain slashes defence spending / Fay Weldon rethinks feminism.

BOOK REVIEW: HAWKE: The Prime Minister, by Blanche d'Alpuget

BOOK REVIEW: GEORGE ORWELL: A Life in Letters, selected and annotated by Peter Davison

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FEDERAL ELECTION 2010: Green policies 'anti-Christian': Cardinal George Pell

by Peter Westmore

News Weekly, August 21, 2010

Cardinal George Pell has urged voters to carefully examine the policies of the Greens, to "judge for themselves how thoroughly anti-Christian they are". His comments were made after he was questioned about the forthcoming election.

The Catholic Archbishop of Sydney commented that "good and wise people are needed in the major political parties", and added, "Many people, including myself, are concerned about the environment."

However, in 1996, the Greens leader Bob Brown co-authored a short book, The Greens, with the notorious philosopher Peter Singer (now at Princeton University in the USA), who rejects the unique status of humans and supports infanticide, as well as abortion and euthanasia.

Cardinal Pell said: "They claimed humans are simply another smarter animal, so that humans and animals are on the same or similar levels, depending on their level of consciousness. This Green ethic is designed to replace Judaeo-Christianity."

Cardinal Pell said that some Greens had taken this anti-Christian line further by claiming that no religious argumentation should be permitted in public debate.

He said: "One wing of the Greens are like water melons, green outside and red inside. A number were Stalinists, supporting Soviet oppression. A few years ago, they even tried unsuccessfully to use the privileges committee of the NSW Legislative Council to silence religious voices in public debate.

"The Greens are opposed to religious schools and would destroy the rights of those schools to hire staff and control enrolments. ... Already in Canberra, Green pressure was one factor in the attacks on Calvary Hospital, because they were not providing abortions.

"We all accept the necessity of a healthy environment, but Green policies are impractical and expensive, and will not help the poor. For those who value our present way of life, the Greens are sweet-camouflaged poison."

Senator Brown responded, claiming that Cardinal Pell's assertion that the Greens were "anti-Christian" was a lie. He said the Catholics he spoke to supported an end to discrimination and gay marriage.

He said: "They support compassion to asylum-seekers and they support the BER [Building the Education Revolution] scheme, like the Greens do. Cardinal Pell opposes those things."

The Sydney archdiocese responded, saying that the Greens' hostility to private schools is clear from their education policy.

No. 65 under "Measures" states the Greens are committed to reducing "the total level of Commonwealth funding for private schools [to] 2003-04 levels".

No. 41 makes it clear that anti-discrimination laws will be used to prevent religious schools from preferring believers to non-believers in employing teachers.

No. 42 indicates that limits will be placed on the number of new private schools.

No. 63 will remove private schools' control over their enrolments.

It continued: "Bob Brown's claim to defend religious schools through support for the Building the Education Revolution (BER) is on a par with Lee Rhiannon's claim (NSW Greens Senate No. 1 candidate) that she and her family had not been Stalinists.

"Bizarrely, Bob Brown claims that Cardinal Pell opposes the BER. In fact he has welcomed it publicly for both public and private schools, and expressed gratitude to the Federal Government for the school improvements that the BER has made possible.

"Also, contrary to Brown's claims, Cardinal Pell's support for asylum-seekers to be treated more compassionately is a matter of long-standing public record."

Bob Brown also claims that he was in touch with mainstream Catholic and Christian majority and that they favour homosexual marriage.

This would be news to most Australians. If this really were the case it is unlikely that both major parties would have gone to the lengths they have to rule it out as an election issue.

It is telling that the Greens have no dedicated family policy on their website.

The economic consequences of the Greens' policies will increase the cost of living, making food and energy more expensive, which will make the situation of the poor and the battlers even harder, the Catholic archdiocese statement said.

Many different words could be used to describe the Greens' policies. Bob Brown used "compassion" and "commonsense". Like most of what he said yesterday, nothing could be further from the truth. He is a master of spin, expert at camouflaging his basic aims and distracting attention.

Australians thinking of voting Green as a kind of protest against the major parties, especially in the Senate where the Greens could hold the balance of power, owe it to themselves and their families at least to study the Greens' policies, the statement concluded.

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