July 27th 2019

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COVER STORY Fixing Australia: Can we trust the Morrison Government?

ENERGY Yallourn early closure more than a mere challenge, Mr Premier

CANBERRA OBSERVED Can Labor learn a lesson or is it unredeemable?

NATIONAL AFFAIRS High power prices lead to more deaths of elderly

GENDER POLITICS Catholic Ed's document strong on doctrine, weak on protocols

ENERGY Renewables do push up power price: Chicago economists

OBITUARY The eminence of Dr Joe Santamaria

HISTORY OF SCIENCE Faith and reason and Father Stanley Jaki, Part 6: Medieval Christendom sparks a revolution

ENVIRONMENT As many Pacific islands are rising as are sinking

ASIAN AFFAIRS Uyghurs lose in ethnic power play

POETRY AND HISTORY The epic of the White Horse

HUMOUR On patrol with Father Bruce

MUSIC Joao Gilberto: Carrier of melodies

CINEMA Crawl: Toothful entertainment

BOOK REVIEW America's postwar boom and its end

BOOK REVIEW The story of the drafting of a great document

BOOK REVIEW The facts behind an undying distortion



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Catholic Schooldays of the 1960s

Wanda Skowronska


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About the book

The 1960s era – with its Holdens, trams and Bex powders – was also a defining time for Australian Catholicism, with its Irish hymns, breezy hope, babyboomers, “new Australians”, sodalities and tombola – and a looming cultural revolution. This account tries to capture some of the spiritual and social ambience of those times, so poignant, so unforgettable, for those who lived through it.

A beautiful journey into the past – the baby boomer years of peace and prosperity – captures the atmosphere of our schooldays with warmth and optimism. The dislocation and trauma experienced by many refugee families is analysed with honesty and humour. Writing style is personal and not sugarcoated. While not agreeing fully with her conclusions about the Church, I can understand how her experience of life has led her to them. I recommend this book to all who enjoy sharing the lives of others, especially Brigidine ex-students, babyboomers or the children of immigrants.

– Dianne Mullin, President of the Brigidine College Randwick Ex-Students Association

This is a must read for all Brigidines. A fabulous journey back into the past, an era of fun, hope and happiness, which we were privileged to receive.

– Maureen O’Connor, teacher, psychologist, ex-Brigidine student

As I read Angels, Incense and Revolution, the memories came flooding back. Contrary to the general media picture, Wanda has nothing but praise for the dedicated, inspirational majority of religious who provided a rich education and a coherent Catholic worldview.

– Michael Gilchrist, author of several books, including Daniel Mannix: Wit and Wisdom (2004)

A perfect insight into the Australian Catholic past, as seen from the inside, and how it suddenly vanished.

– Professor James Franklin, Editor, Journal of the Australian Catholic Historical Society

About the author

Wanda Skowronska is a Catholic psychologist and author living and working mainly in Sydney. She writes for several periodicals, being a regular contributor to the Australian Catholic journal Annals Australasia. She completed a PhD in 2011 at the John Paul II Institute in Melbourne, where she has done sessional lecturing. She published the first compilation of Australian conversion stories, Catholics from Down Under and All Over (2015).


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