September 21st 2019

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WATER POLICY Angry farmers protest over Murray-Darling Basin Plan ... again

TECHNOLOGY Are we the dumbest devices in the room?

HISTORY AND POLITICS Lord Acton, nationalism and multiculturalism, Part 2

LITERATURE D.H. Lawrence: The Modernist in exile

MUSIC Dialectical transcendence

CINEMA The Farewell: Elegant and bittersweet

BOOK REVIEW Owning up to market imperfections

BOOK REVIEW Heroism and faith under tyranny

BOOK REVIEW The love that comes after love is gone


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Patrick J. Byrne


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About the book

If a person can change their sex, can they change their age or their race?

The Little Grey Book on Sex and Transgender questions the ideology (a philosophical “belief” with a political agenda) of transgenderism. The transgender worldview says that laws should recognise a person’s fluid “gender identity” other than, or in place of, their fixed biological sex.

Transgenderism has many conundrums.

Are we all on a spectrum between 100 per cent male and 100 per cent female, or are we all just male or female?

Should biological girls be obliged to accept biological boys who identify as women in their safe spaces at schools? Should two biological men who identify as women be recognised as lesbians?

Activists demand gender neutral language, sports, restrooms, change rooms, etc. This treats men and women as same-same, uniform … one shade of grey. Isn’t this the opposite of “diversity”?

Why should “gender identity” laws oblige everyone – on threat of legal, professional, employment and cultural sanctions – to give biological men who identify as women the same rights as biological women?

Transgender laws make gender identity a “state established belief”, like a state established religion, creating deep conflicts with the vast majority of people who hold to the biological worldview that their sex is fixed.

Patrick Byrne asks searching questions about the impact of gender identity laws on ordinary people and democracy.

About the author

Patrick J. Byrne is national president of the National Civic Council. He writes regularly for the NCC’s magazine, News Weekly, and his last book was Transgender: One Shade of Grey (Wilkinson, 2018).

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All you need to know about
the wider impact of transgenderism on society.
TRANSGENDER: one shade of grey, 353pp, $39.99

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