July 27th 2019

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COVER STORY Fixing Australia: Can we trust the Morrison Government?

ENERGY Yallourn early closure more than a mere challenge, Mr Premier

CANBERRA OBSERVED Can Labor learn a lesson or is it unredeemable?

NATIONAL AFFAIRS High power prices lead to more deaths of elderly

GENDER POLITICS Catholic Ed's document strong on doctrine, weak on protocols

ENERGY Renewables do push up power price: Chicago economists

OBITUARY The eminence of Dr Joe Santamaria

HISTORY OF SCIENCE Faith and reason and Father Stanley Jaki, Part 6: Medieval Christendom sparks a revolution

ENVIRONMENT As many Pacific islands are rising as are sinking

ASIAN AFFAIRS Uyghurs lose in ethnic power play

POETRY AND HISTORY The epic of the White Horse

HUMOUR On patrol with Father Bruce

MUSIC Joao Gilberto: Carrier of melodies

CINEMA Crawl: Toothful entertainment

BOOK REVIEW America's postwar boom and its end

BOOK REVIEW The story of the drafting of a great document

BOOK REVIEW The facts behind an undying distortion



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Schalk Visagie


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About the book

“Colonel Schalk Visagie’s book, Under Fire in South Africa, provides fascinating and important insights into the life of a policeman who was eyewitness to tumultuous events and dramatic developments, which continued to affect our world today.

“Coming from a police family, Schalk’s incredible life story includes the Border War in South West Africa/Angola, guarding President P.W. Botha, working in the Security Branch, including dealing with the traumatic St James Church Massacre, the bombing of Planet Hollywood, leading the Gang Investigation Unit to counter the hit squads, terror campaigns and bombs of PAGAD and QUIBLA.

“The very fact that Schalk Visagie is alive today is a powerful testimony to the grace of Almighty God and His answers to the timely prayers of a devoted mother. As the surgeon and ballistics specialist testifies, no one should have survived the deadly ambush on Black River Parkway on Friday, 19 February 1999.

“It has been a special privilege to know Schalk and Rozanne Visagie, for over three decades and witness their faith and life in most difficult circumstances. Under Fire in South Africa is a riveting dramatic story written with a policeman’s attention to detail. I look forward to this story being brought to the big screen because it has tremendous relevance and inspiration for our troubled times."

– Dr Peter Hammond Frontline Fellowship


“I have known and had the privilege of journeying with the author since 2005. Every book has a cover and as the proverbial saying goes a book is judged by its cover. Every person has a story to tell and until we read the account of each person’s own life story we will truly understand without judging. Instead we will have greater appreciation for them.

Under Fire in South Africa gives the reader a clearer understanding that all events, including loss, tragedy, love and triumph is God’s tapestry, purpose, plan and will of one’s life being woven together from the moment of birth until death which is unfortunately often only seen from an earthly perspective, but seen from a Divine perspective, it is His beautiful plan that He has designed to prepare each person, like the author, for His Divine purpose here on earth.

This book is more than the history and transition of South Africa, it is the events, accounts of history and personal journey which have transitioned the author’s life and also will hopefully help you in your own personal journey through life.”

– Pastor Brad Espin COTR Cape Town


“I read this book from cover to cover. What an amazing God we have, with amazing plans and grace for each life when we obey. This is a journey through life of a family I have been honoured and blessed to know. Painful memories, but true and relevant facts through a difficult history. It is time to learn, forgive and forget, South Africa. This is one of the most beautiful countries of the 140 countries my God let me serve him in. May He who created this country beautify her with love, unity and brotherhood. There is room for every South African … all races, colours and background to live together in peace and harmony, away from hatred and crime which only leads to destruction. This book by my brother and friend is a must read to rediscover the grace and guidance of a loving and forgiving God. Learn from mistakes made, repent, forgive and forget. Go on South Africa. Live and let live. Bury the past or the past will bury you.”

– Dr Bahjat Batarseh Apostolic Arch Bishop D.Min,Th.D, Ph.D, DLett, D.D, D.Ed, D.Coun Ph.D, L.LD,D.Hum,C.R.P.S. Brice, Ohio, U.S.


“I found Under Fire in South Africa to be a very interesting read. I gained much insight into the recorded events and was left with huge respect for the author and the work of the police and the special forces in our country. The book is written and documented in a very easy to read style and thus made even the finest detail come alive to the reader.

“It is good to get first-hand recorded history before it is forgotten or distorted.

“One is left with absolute admiration for the bravery and noble call of Security and Police officers in South Africa.”

– Erin Georgiou, Editor JOY! and JUIG! magazines

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