September 21st 2019

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COVER STORY Federal Government should abolish Renewable Energy Certificates

ENERGY BP annual Review shows consumption, production up

CANBERRA OBSERVED NSW Labor caught in Panda's paws doing 'whatever it takes'

RELIGIOUS FREEDOM Religious discrimination bill: A litany of questions

FOREIGN AFFAIRS Boris' brinkmanship shakes up Britain, EU

WATER POLICY Angry farmers protest over Murray-Darling Basin Plan ... again

TECHNOLOGY Are we the dumbest devices in the room?

HISTORY AND POLITICS Lord Acton, nationalism and multiculturalism, Part 2

LITERATURE D.H. Lawrence: The Modernist in exile

MUSIC Dialectical transcendence

CINEMA The Farewell: Elegant and bittersweet

BOOK REVIEW Owning up to market imperfections

BOOK REVIEW Heroism and faith under tyranny

BOOK REVIEW The love that comes after love is gone


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In the Hearts of Kings, volume 1

Annette Young


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About the book

Australian violinist Phoebe Raye sees her dreams of romance and revenge dashed when Nazi Germany annexes Austria in 1938. Engaging first-person account of Sydney and Vienna between the wars. Extras include book club discussion topics, recommended films, and further reading.

Beautiful, vulnerable Phoebe Raye pursues a vendetta despite her father’s warnings and her yearning for love and fulfilment.

Leaving post-War and Depression-era Sydney, Australia, Phoebe travels via Istanbul to Vienna, Austria, and enters a cultured and complex society fraught with political tension and besieged by a malignant foreign aggressor.

Witness to the unbridled hatred unleashed by the Anschluss as her own situation turns perilous, how will Phoebe resolve her mother’s death by violence unavenged?

A poignant account of individual predicament amidst social turmoil, By Violence Unavenged is the first volume of In the Hearts of Kings, an epic trilogy exploring the perennial themes of justice and mercy, revenge and forgiveness.

Praise for By Violence Unavenged:

“Extremely well researched, historically, musically and linguistically. Every chapter is full to the brim with action. A spectacular read.” – Christine McCarthy

‘Tremendous depth … akin to Tolstoy … the author has the story, the people, the world, entirely in hand.” – Warwick Adeney

“A truly fine story and an enthralling read. Very much recommended!” – Regina Doman

“Descriptive panache, engaging pace and memorable characters … clearly written by a musician, a kind of polyphonic saga, with the interweaving themes of war, history, suffering and the search for truth.” – Wanda Skowronska

About the Author

Most of Annette Young’s youth was lived on Sydney’s north shore, where she developed a love of classical music. When she was 18, she converted to Catholicism. She earned an Honours History Degree from Sydney University, and taught for several years. She returned to university and undertook a PhD in English Literature. During this time she wrote the first draft of her first novel, A Distant Prospect, over six months.

Annette completed her PhD and pursued a music career (piano and cello).

Annette and Francis married in 2002 and, as their sons arrived, she decided to complete the book largely written years earlier. Annette firmly believes that, when you write, you address the big questions from your own life.

Subsequent drafts saw major changes to the story with new individuals added and different plot developments due to the maturity and lived experience Annette had undergone since first writing the book.

By Violence Unavenged is her second novel.

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