December 15th 2018

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COVER STORY The Christ child: a life lived for the whole world

WATER RESOURCES Murray-Darling management delivers the worst of both worlds

CANBERRA OBSERVED Libs fish around for explanations

ASIAN AFFAIRS Taiwanese agree to stick with nuclear power


VICTORIAN ELECTION Coalition collapse

ECONOMICS AND SOCIETY Mondragón Corporation: humanity at work

BREXIT December 12: D-Day for Britain's EU vote

EUTHANASIA WA Government ignores objections and lessons

TAIWAN Referendum stems homosexual tide

INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS Free trade and the WTO in the Trump era

MUSIC Teacher teachers: The jarring note in music courses

CLASSIC CINEMA The Adventures of Robin Hood: The one and only

BOOK REVIEW A triumph of determination

BOOK REVIEW An escape from futility and addiction



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Man, Myth, Legacy

Peter Stanley (editor)


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About the book

Australia's official war correspondent during WWI, Charles Bean was also Australia's first official war historian and the driving force behind the creation of the Australian War Memorial. Famously criticised for his deliberate myth-making as editor of The Anzac Book, Bean was also a public servant, institutional leader, author, activist, thinker, doer, philosopher and polemicist.

In Charles Bean, Man, myth, legacy Australia's top military historians - including Peter Stanley, Peter Burness, Michael McKernan, Jeffrey Grey, Peter Edwards, David Horner, Peter Rees and Craig Stockings - analyse the man, the myth and his long-reaching legacy.

Sales PointsThe nation's leading military historians - including Peter Stanley, Peter Burness, Michael McKernan, Jeffrey Grey, Peter Edwards, David Horner, Peter Rees and Craig Stockings - examine Bean's life in an attempt to grasp the totality of his legacy.This is the first collective attempt to capture and portray the man, his work and his influence on Australian history. A definitive work that will be purchased by military history readers, specialists and students alike.

About the editor
Peter Stanley is Research Professor in the Australian Centre for the Study of Armed Conflict and Society at UNSW Canberra. He has published 30 books, mostly in Australian military history but also in medical history, about the 2009 Black Saturday bushfire, and the military history of British India. He is an Associate Director of ACSACS, the General Editor of the Army's Cambridge University Press series and President of Honest History. His most recent book (with Vicken Babkenian) is Armenia, Australia & the Great War.

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BOOK REVIEW Australia's first official war historian

All you need to know about
the wider impact of transgenderism on society.
TRANSGENDER: one shade of grey, 353pp, $39.99

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