November 18th 2017

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COVER STORY Full audit can end dual-citizenship fiasco

CANBERRA OBSERVED High Court high handed to 'foreigners' in Parliament

MANUFACTURING Auto industry loss result of government policy failure

AGENDA FOR AUSTRALIA Financing infrastructure for development and jobs

FOREIGN AFFAIRS Behind the indictments of ex-Trump campaigners

AUSTRALIAN HISTORY Beersheba charge enabled a pivotal victory

ECONOMICS China intends to party like it's 1949 ... again

ENVIRONMENT Core of climate science is in the real-world data

U.S. HISTORY Why Americans stick to their guns

MUSIC New styles: Dipping into the melting pot

CINEMA Loving Vincent: A mystery in oils

BOOK REVIEW Just what is the conservative idea?


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David P. Goldman


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The author of the celebrated “Spengler” column, read by intelligence organisations worldwide, reveals how extinctions of peoples, cultures and civilisations are not unthinkable but certain. For the first time in history, the West’s birthrate has fallen below replacement level; but birthrates in the Muslim world are falling even faster. The “Arab Spring” is the precursor of much more violent change in the Islamic world. 

Hardcover, 256 pages

ISBN 9781596982734

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BOOK REVIEW Cultural suicide
MIDDLE EAST: Muslim Brotherhood to benefit as Egypt descends into chaos

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