June 29th 2002

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COVER STORY: Sexual misconduct in the Church

CANBERRA OBSERVED: Coalition MPs revolt against the ICC

New policies needed to rescue agriculture

COMMENT: How Ruddock could face charges before the ICC

Straws in the Wind: From the other side of the street / Dying culture

Sectarianism rears its ugly head in Victorian ALP

Census figures show decline of the family unit

Media ambush (letter)

Ancient wisdom (letter)

Reality cinema (letter)

Where the facts lie (letter)

Asylum seekers I (letter)

Asylum seekers II (letter)

Children as commodities (letter)

Who will stand up for small business, rural Australia?

OPINION: Reflections on the British monarchy

International terrorism: keeping the issues in focus

Despite tensions: Indonesia looks ahead

BOOKS: 'Undue Noise: Words and Music' by Andrew Ford

BOOKS: 'The Broken Hearth' by William Bennett

BOOKS: 'Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress' by Dai Sijie

COMMENT: That other Holocaust

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Asylum seekers I (letter)

by Guy Caruana

News Weekly, June 29, 2002

May I briefly clarify those points of my letter of June 1 which were commented upon by Dr. Michael Barr (NW, June 15).

1. Australian and international law invariably reflect the accepted morality of the times. While the word has clear definitions in dictionaries, individual morality varies. Ultimately, morality is best served by strict adherence to laws by everyone. The worldwide trend in recent decades, as reflected in legislation and court decisions, has been the cheapening of human life.

2. A person who may have a valid claim to something, but uses an illegal method to achieve his objective, must be returned back to square one.

3. The criteria for "asylum seekers" and "refugees" are set by the United Nations organisation, not by popular opinion. Great difficulties arise when people come without papers and lie about themselves. I have little sympathy for such people.

4. While the Government's strategy may not be the only reason for the drastic reduction in illegal arrivals, the policy is likely to continue because (a) the organisers are still free; (b) several thousand potential arrivals are still in the pipeline; and (c) there are plenty of rickety old boats waiting to sail on their last perilous trip.

Guy Caruana
Camberwell, Vic.

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