June 29th 2002

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CANBERRA OBSERVED: Coalition MPs revolt against the ICC

New policies needed to rescue agriculture

COMMENT: How Ruddock could face charges before the ICC

Straws in the Wind: From the other side of the street / Dying culture

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Census figures show decline of the family unit

Media ambush (letter)

Ancient wisdom (letter)

Reality cinema (letter)

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Asylum seekers I (letter)

Asylum seekers II (letter)

Children as commodities (letter)

Who will stand up for small business, rural Australia?

OPINION: Reflections on the British monarchy

International terrorism: keeping the issues in focus

Despite tensions: Indonesia looks ahead

BOOKS: 'Undue Noise: Words and Music' by Andrew Ford

BOOKS: 'The Broken Hearth' by William Bennett

BOOKS: 'Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress' by Dai Sijie

COMMENT: That other Holocaust

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Reality cinema (letter)

by Jo-anne Smith

News Weekly, June 29, 2002

Yes, Mr Teachout ("A Beautiful Mind sentimentalises psychosis", NW, June 1, 2002) schizophrenia would surely be agony, as any mental ill-health is.

What exactly did you want from A Beautiful Mind? I believe that it showed that there is hope, not only despair.

There are numerous cases where love has played a bigger part in recovery than drugs have.

I don't really care what slant Howard and Goldsman put on the Cold War - the movie was not about the Cold War.

As for not giving us all the dirt on John Nash - good for them! If it's dirt I want I'll watch a documentary; I don't pay to go to the movies to come out depressed (pardon the pun).

If I had schizophrenia and saw it portrayed the way you suggest, I would probably want to do myself in.

As in As Good as it Gets, (a movie about obsessive compulsive disorder) the whole truth was not told. Nevertheless, the movie was entertaining and the theme of love conquering was used well.

Don't take away our comic relief, life can be hard enough!

Jo-anne Smith,
Baulkham Hills, NSW

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