February 23rd 2002

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Law: Abortion link to breast cancer victory

by David Perrin

News Weekly, February 23, 2002

An out-of-court settlement to a women who sued a Melbourne abortionist and a hospital for failing to warn her that the abortion might cause her psychiatric damage and might place her at greater risk of developing breast cancer, is a major victory for women.

The secret settlement is believed to include a large sum of money paid to the unidentified women because the abortionist had covered up medical evidence of the link between abortion and breast cancer.

The case has been hailed overseas as a breakthrough.

Charles Francis QC, representing the woman, told CNS News in the USA that he had studied the medical evidence and considered the evidence of the abortion breast cancer link was "fairly strong".

This case is believed to be the first of its kind in the world although there are other cases pending in the Australian Capital Territory and Sydney, as well as a number pending in California, Texas, Missouri, North Dakota and Pennsylvania in the USA.

According to the US-based Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer, 27 out of 35 studies published since 1957 around the world have found the link between abortion and breast cancer.

Dr Joel Brind from the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute in the USA explained how the increased risk occurs. Upon conception, the level of oestrogen in a woman’s body increases dramatically. This results in the development of undifferentiated cells in the breast and these become milk-producing cells later in the pregnancy, which are an added protection against cancer.

Abortion interrupts the natural process of preparing a woman’s body to bear and nurse a child, cutting off the final part of the sequence that provides breast tissue with a significant measure of protection against cancer.

Dr Brind told the US National Catholic Register (January 13, 2002):

"[O]ut of the 37 independently published studies, 28 show a causal connection, and of those, 17 studies provide positive association that reach a 95 per cent certainty that the association (between abortion and breast cancer), is not due to chance. That is scientific evidence which simply cannot be ignored."

He believes there is a 30 per cent overall increased risk of breast cancer after having an abortion, and an 80 per cent increased risk for women with a family history of cancer.

A 1988 Australian study, that was not made public at the time, revealed a 160 per cent increased risk of breast cancer among Australian women who had undertaken an induced abortion.

Anti-cancer organisations in Australia and the United States have recently shifted ground on the abortion link from outright denial, to finding the medical evidence "inconclusive".

Those fighting for women to be told the truth about the link believe that this latest court victory in Melbourne should make the anti-cancer groups press for warnings to be given by abortionists for fear that the anti-cancer groups will be sued as well.

British response

However, Britain’s Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology issued a statement in March 2000 warning British abortionists that the abortion-breast cancer link "cannot be disregarded".

Britain’s The Observer reported (February 27, 2001) that "British women are harbouring a breast cancer time bomb because of the high abortion rate and low number of children".

Given the scientific evidence of the link, women’s groups are demanding that all women be warned of the increased risk if they are considering an abortion.

Babette Francis, head of Endeavour Forum, a prominent Australian women’s group, believes that because breast cancer is potentially fatal and always mutilating for women, covering up its link with abortion by the medical profession and anti-cancer groups in Australia is simply "not good enough".

She wants every abortionist to provide a truthful written statement of the clear medical evidence linking abortion and breast cancer in simple words and in every language in our multicultural community.

This should be followed by a 14-day cooling off period for the pregnant mothers to consider the increased risks. If not, then the abortionists will have compensate the increasing number of women damaged by abortion.

  • David Perrin

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