December 14th 2002

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Higher costs force up cover price of News Weekly

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Higher costs force up cover price of News Weekly

by Peter Westmore

News Weekly, December 14, 2002

As a result of rising prices over recent years, and the promise of further cost increases, the cover price of News Weekly will increase to $3.00 per issue (including GST), and the annual subscription rate (25 issues) will rise to $66.00, including GST, from February 2003.

Except for the unavoidable cost increases incurred by the GST, News Weekly's cover price has remained unchanged since 1992 - surely a record for any periodical in Australia.

In that period, there have been substantial cost increases in all aspects of News Weekly's production, from editorial costs to postage. Australia Post has already foreshadowed further increases in postal charges, which impact heavily on News Weekly, since most copies are posted to subscribers.

Over this period, costs have been contained through internal economies, and the generous co-operation of our printer, Brougham Press. Costs have also been contained through the generosity of our team of volunteers who assist with the packaging and dispatch of News Weekly.

There have been a number of improvements to News Weekly since the last price increase. Many contributors, some of whom are overseas, now communicate with us by email, ensuring that stories and features retain their immediacy and topicality.

Another significant change has been the development of News Weekly's web site (, which offers a number of special services to existing subscribers and the general public with Internet access.

These include email, which enables readers to send letters instantaneously, electronic subscription renewal, saving us the cost of posting reminder notices to you, and posting every issue of News Weekly on the world wide web.

Additionally, we have installed a powerful search engine on the News Weekly site.

This is of particular use to readers wanting to find articles published some time ago, or a series of articles on related subjects (accessed by searching for a particular keyword, such as marriage, tariffs, or Indonesia, for example). This is used extensively by young people using News Weekly as a resource in their studies, as well as researchers wanting access to information published in News Weekly.

Feedback on all these changes has been extremely positive.

You can now renew your subscriptions by mail (using the form posted to you, or by completing the subscription form on page 7), or using our web site (

  • Peter Westmore

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