April 20th 2002

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Media bias (letter)

by John Barich

News Weekly, April 20, 2002


Tim Wallace (Letters, March 9) attempts to defend David Marr and the whole corps of ABC journaists from the charge of bias.

While Marr may end up being a very good presenter of Media Watch, at least one recent gambol of his puts a query about his objectivity. It was he who approached the Australian Family Association (AFA) before a gossip piece appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) following Justice Kirby's claim in the High Court that the AFA had asserted that homosexuals had sex with labrador dogs. This allegation about the AFA was repeated recently in another SMH article.

What are the facts? In its case in the High Court against the provision of IVF procedures for lesbians, the AFA cited a homosexual magazine which made such a claim. Marr is yet to correct this distortion on the ABC or in the SMH.

As to the beliefs of journalists, there are many surveys revealing their unrepresentative views. For instance, most Australians believe in God, marriage, the dangers of homosexual behaviour and Australian sovereignty, while only a minority of journalists hold such views and it shows in their articles.

Professor Flint documented all of this in Quadrant (September 2001).

One recent example of this bias was the lack of reporting of World Youth Day in Rome, which was attended by over one million young Catholics from all over the world and every part of Australia. By way of contrast, 40 protestors at Lucas Heights received extensive media coverage.

John Barich,
Ardross, WA

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