April 20th 2002

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Articles from this issue:

Cover Story: PM leads Australia down the slippery slope

Urgent action needed to save Australia's sugar industry

The ALP and the embryonic stem cell issue

NSW Euthanasia bill overwhelmingly defeated

Report recommends relaxing controls over violent computer games

Can the Public Service be depoliticised?

Straws in the Wind: Living fossils / Engineers of human souls

Western Australia: MP looks at SA's marijuana laws

Media misrepresentation on stem cell therapy (letter)

Media bias (letter)

Refugees: where do you stand? (letter)

Water and Australia's priorities (letter)

The high price of misplaced idealism

Is the 'war on terrorism' being hijacked?

Peter Singer's utilitarianism

Books: 'The Unsleeping Eye: A Brief History of Secret Police and their Victims' by Robert Stove

Books: 'Children as Trophies?' by Patricia Morgan

Film: Some Like it Hot - a tribute to Billy Wilder

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Books available from News Weekly

News Weekly, April 20, 2002
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FREEDOM AND BETRAYAL: Six Enemies of Human Liberty
Isaiah Berlin

This is one of the most important books on the history of ideas in Berlin's works. Berlin was convinced that, for all its praise of liberty, the Enlightenment was in fact hostile to it!
Hardback, 188 pages, $49.95

NICKEL AND DIMED: On not getting by in America
Barbara Ehrenreich

This book is a New York Times Bestseller. Barbara Ehrenreich a sharp social critic and author looks underneath the illusion of American prosperity, illuminating the plight of the working poor. This book will move you and challenge ones notion of prosperity in the US.
Paperback, 240 pages, $27.95

THE INVISIBLE HEART: The Economics of Caring
Nancy Folbre

Can there be an alternative theory of economics based on the well-being of the family? Nancy Folbre thinks there is. Here, in one volume, is a theory based on the idea that families need economic support in the raising of children.
Paperback, 288 pages, $35.00

Natalie Harwood

The journey begins with Latin's historical context. Harwood moves through the vocabulary, grammar and passages from the ancient authors. But this book is more than a language course on Latin because not only can you pick up Latin with its numerous phrases, you can also get an historical appreciation of other languages, including English.
Paperback, 382 pages, $30.00

CHILDREN AS TROPHIES: Examining the Evidence on Same-Sex Parenting
Patricia Morgan

Patricia Morgan has looked at the evidence in meticulous detail and has produced the most comprehensive research on same-sex parenting ever published in Europe. Such claims as "there is no data to suggest that children of gay parents are different" is challenged by the data found in this book.
Paperback, 160 pages, $25.95

DEMONS AND DEMOCRATS: 1950s Labor at the Crossroads
Gavan Duffy

The authoritative background to the 1950s Labor Split, which resulted in the formation of the DLP.
Paperback, 200 pages, $27.95

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