October 20th 2001

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Articles from this issue:

EDITORIAL: Issues for the forthcoming election

TESTIMONIAL: Digger James: Why I support 'News Weekly'

CANBERRA OBSERVED: The 'other' election on November 10

ECONOMICS: Who's looking after world trade

BIOETHICS: Cloning: a mixed bag

Straws in the Wind: Come in, Spinner

SOUTH AUSTRALIA: Parents call for increased penalties for drug trafficking

TERRORISM: Why the Muslim world hates America

AFGHANISTAN: Australia must protect the innocent victims of war

Letter: Refugee analysis wrong

Letter: Free trade challenge

Letter: Marriage costs

PACIFIC: After the civil war: Bougainville looks ahead

MEDIA: Mutual admiration / "Beazley-class" subs

COMMENT: Baddies are not always cowards

DOCUMENTATION: Latest data show mothers' preference for home

COMMENT: Don't hurt us, we're men

Books: 'THE LITTLE ICE AGE: How Climate Made History 1300-1850', by Brian Fagan

Books: 'One in Thirteen: The Silent Epidemic of Teen Suicide', by Jessica Portner

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Digger James: Why I support 'News Weekly'

by Major General Digger James

News Weekly, October 20, 2001
quotesIn recent years, with the increasing pace of change in national and world events, I have been concerned to try to be accurately informed on a wide range of important issues, particularly relating to the family, and have found News Weekly to be excellent in supplying this need.

It is a common experience of many people I chat to, that our Australian television and print media are frequently lacking in balanced reporting. Rather, like myself, these people see so much bias on the one hand, and, more importantly, a total lack, in many instances, of reporting on critical major national and international issues.

News Weekly provides balance and breadth, in an accurate, fearless way, of important issues that I believe most Australians wish to be able to comprehend and accept.

Furthermore, articles written in News Weekly are readily readable, clear in presentation, and written by experienced, mature people, who write the truth, from the heart, and not for personal gain or political prejudice.

  • Major General Digger James, Former Director-General of Army Health Services & Former National President, Returned Services League of Australia

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