November 3rd 2001

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Election 2001: When will the parties support a new bank?

Defence: US Navy commissions Australian high speed catamaran

Canberra Observed: Nationals looking down the barrel

Straws in the Wind: Varieties of evil / Russian fears / My enemy's enemy is my friend

Law: Family Court redefines man

Government spokesmen confirm WTO threats

Media: Moral equivalence / Will they be invited back?

Letter: Settlement deaths

Letter: Beazley defended

Letter: Defence solution

Comment: The evil face of terrorism

Drugs: The case against medical cannabis

Obituary: Vale Phyllis Boyd

China: Can the Chinese Communist Party survive the market?

Books: 'John Maynard Keynes: Fighting for Britain 1937-46' by Robert Skidelsky

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Letter: Beazley defended

by Greg O'Regan

News Weekly, November 3, 2001


John Styles's assertions of bias in the ABC towards the ALP (Media, NW, October 20) are mere suppositions and depend on the eye or ear of the viewer. I am frequently disappointed by the easy run the PM and Coalition members are given by ABC journalists.

I suggest Styles replay the leaders' debate and review his accusations about Beazley's flip-flops.

Beazley's sane explanation of his rejection of the first Border Protection Bill, the proposed ALP amendments and subsequent agreement to the Bill, gave the lie to the PM who had no answer for what he had to accept as the truth. Indeed a look at the draft on the ALP website shows the Bill before and after the ALP amendments.

We should thank Beazley for having the courage to seek the amendments he did, knowing the compliant media (including the ABC) would swallow the Government's line uncritically.

I suggest further that Styles recall Coalition backbenchers' opposition to the first draft of the bill as legislation that would have denied entry to Jews fleeing the Nazis.

Again the content of the leaders' debate shows the hollow craftiness of the PM's war scare tactics - which he'll doubtless continue till the Federal elections are over.

Greg O'Regan,
20 Hagelthorn St,
Farrer, ACT

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