May 16th 2020

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COVER STORY Basin inquiry raises more unanswered questions

EDITORIAL Rebuilding industry won't just happen: here's what's needed

CANBERRA OBSERVED Regret over our rushed marriage to China

NATIONAL AFFAIRS Giving back from the top

NATIONAL AFFAIRS Crucial to get Virgin Australia flying again

REFLECTION The ridiculous attack on reason

NATIONAL AFFAIRS Cardinal Pell: The story of a targeted assassination

INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS The China bear in the global living room

FAMILY 'Coronaschooling'

ECONOMICS Looking back for the purposes of going forward

POLITICS The willy-nilly manufacture of rights

POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY 'The hours have lost their clock'

HUMOUR A tribute to Bond Stott, late of BC/AD

MUSIC Punk is defunct: Long live de funk

LOCKDOWN CINEMA CLASSIC A journey through Death's dark kingdom: The Masque of the Red Death






ROYAL COMMISSION Hatchet job on Cardinal Pell breached basic principle of fairness

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News Weekly, May 16, 2020



The surface of the earth is warmed mostly by radiation from the sun, and some of this heat energy is distributed to the atmosphere, mostly by conduction, convection, and evaporation and condensation.

A very small fraction of this heat from the earth’s surface is radiated towards space in the form of infrared (IR) radiation, and a small proportion of this is absorbed by infrared-active molecules (molecules capable of absorbing IR radiation), which gives these molecules more energy. This energy is immediately passed on to other molecules in the vicinity by conduction (molecular collisions), thus warming a small volume of the atmosphere.

These molecules, like every molecule in the entire atmosphere, radiate energy, about half towards space and the rest towards the earth. The “greenhouse gas” theory proposes that this latter radiation is absorbed by the earth’s surface and heats it, raising its temperature.

So, this theory has the earth’s surface heating itself via the atmosphere, using the same heat energy to reheat itself over and over – the perpetual energy fallacy, akin to the perpetual motion fallacy.

Furthermore, the atmosphere is colder than the nearby earth’s surface (except for a minute fraction in valleys in mountainous regions). So, the “greenhouse gas” theory has net spontaneous heat flow from colder (the atmosphere) to warmer (the earth’s surface) regions – contrary to everyone’s experience and contrary to the laws of thermodynamics. (A refrigerator does have a net heat flow from colder to warmer, but it does it by using an external source of energy to effectively pump heat from inside the refrigerator (colder) to the external atmosphere (warmer).)

All that IR-active gases do and can do is to distribute the heat from the earth’s surface to the atmosphere – there is and cannot be any net increase in the amount of heat above that which was originally received from the sun and other sources. This means that the “greenhouse gas” theory and the “climate change” theory are absolute bunkum – there is no such gas as a “greenhouse gas” and the term should be relegated to the history books, alongside “phlogiston” and “aether”.

John Rodda,
Pakenham, Vic.



How beautiful and moving was this year’s memorial and celebration of Australia’s own national day.

Indeed, I think that this way of celebrating it should become our normal way.

Thousands upon thousands standing outside their homes, on driveways, at gates, on balconies; holding candles and handmade poppies of remembrance. Simply waiting. Waiting and thinking and remembering and longing.

Candles lit and waiting for those who’d gone to come home. Candles lit to guide them home, and their loved ones waiting for them.

I’m reminded of those who travel and return home at night. A light is left on both to guide to the door and to say welcome. So those waiting were also waiting for their loved ones to come back, each to their own homes and loved ones.

Covid19 offers little joy but, on Saturday April 25, 2020, covid19 offered a gift of love such as not seen before.

Indeed we can clearly see that God can make beautiful lemonade from lemons. With candles and longing we waited.

Anne Lastman,
Perth, WA



I will be very disappointed if there are no actions taken against the Victoria Police and the two judges in the Supreme Court.

The police handling of each of the 26 charges against Cardinal Pell was disgraceful. Also the two judges who found against Cardinal Pell should resign for their obvious failure to properly give consideration to the many witnesses who were ignored in the hearings. Theirs is a most serious failure as they are the top of the state’s legal system.

Peter Nixon,
Orbost, Vic.



Some of the Orwellian double-speak coming from the Chinese Communist Government is extra-ordinary as it tries to evade responsibility for the covid19 pandemic. We all know they are lying. They know they are lying too. But we don’t live in China: we can stand up and call out their lies.

There is nothing racist about criticising the Chinese Government. Don’t forget the first victims of the Chinese Government are the Chinese people themselves. The people of China have to live under the nonsense and brutality of their Government every day. But now we are all suffering from the cover-ups and dishonesty of the Chinese Communist Party.

Unfortunately, the World Health Organisation is in bed with China, and now their incompetence is open for all to see, too.

Some serious questions of accountability must be directed at both China and the WHO for their spread of misinformation during this crisis that has led to tens of thousands of deaths. I hope our politicians show some backbone and deal with this head on.

Daniel Peckham,
Tamworth, NSW



Congratulations on an excellent issue (April 18).

A footnote to the article on p13 by Peter Westmore: the term “social distancing”, applied to the Spanish flu of 1918, might suggest they had the 1.5-metre rule back then. The rule is not applied consistently even now: for example, hairdressers can be with their clients literally for hours, because, unlike Mass, this is an essential service.

Fr David Watt,
St Philomena Chapel,
Malaga, WA


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