May 16th 2020

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ROYAL COMMISSION Hatchet job on Cardinal Pell breached basic principle of fairness

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Giving back from the top

by Chris McCormack

News Weekly, May 16, 2020

The Federal Member for Herbert, Phillip Thompson OAM, has decided to donate 10 per cent of his monthly income to charity to help those affected by the covid19 crisis.

Cartoon by Harry Bruce. Used with permission.

Thompson won the seat of Herbert, which encompasses Townsville, from the ALP in the May 2019 federal election. The Coalition’s win no doubt came in response to the ALP’s anti-coal sentiments and equivocation over approving the Adani coalmine, which has the potential to employ thousands of North Queenslanders.

Thompson had a two-party preferred swing to him of 8.38 per cent. Townsville had an official unemployment rate of 7.6 per cent in the March quarter of 2019 (the national average was 5.1 per cent), while youth unemployment sat at 17.3 per cent.

While serving in the Australian Army between 2006-11, Thompson sustained major injuries from an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan. He went on to compete in the inaugural Invictus Games (for injured veterans worldwide) in London in 2014 and coached the Australian Invictus Games team in 2016. He was awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) in 2018 for service to the welfare of veterans.

With calls for politicians to take a pay cut, Thompson said that, while he could not influence the independent arbiter on politicians’ wages, he could donate 10 per cent of his wage to charity Food Relief NQ (North Queensland) for “as long as is needed”. He said that thousands had lost employment overnight when restrictions were put in place.

His reason for donating publicly was because he “wanted people to know of the fantastic charities that are out there and who are doing it tough through the covid19 pandemic where volunteers and donations are going down and needs are going up”.

His wife having just given birth to their second child, he was driven to help out: “I never want anyone to think, is it nappies or is it food? Is it rent or is it food? Is it utilities or food? That’s why I chose a charity that gives food not just to people that rock up, but to other charities as well … they support everyone.”

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