May 2nd 2020

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News Weekly, May 2, 2020



Further to Bernard Moran’s article in News Weekly (“Victorian Road Map smooths way of NZ anti-life clique to abortion ‘reform’ ”, April 4, 2020), I followed the abortion-reform debate in New Zealand and personally felt that the laws were not so much passed as “sneakily” rushed through in the middle of the covid19 pandemic.

At a time when there is global fear of massive losses of life due to pandemic, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and her feminist cabal found time to pass legislation that allows abortion till birth. Like Victoria’s 2008 bill, all amendments to the bill were voted down. Now New Zealand can boast that it has brought its abortion law into the 21st century.

Providentially, the “safe zones” part of the bill failed, but my suspicion is that it will not be long before that also go by wayside, as it did in Victoria.

It is said that bringing abortion laws into the 21st century will liberate women and ensure that the decision to abort a child is between her and her doctor and she won’t have to fear that she will have mental-health issues if she continues with the pregnancy.

The late-term abortion provision for a second doctor to confirm the decision is also like Victoria’s.

It is said that the new laws have a huge impact in so far as allowing women to be in full control over the decision without anyone making a woman have a baby she doesn’t want.

Women, according to Amy Adams (National MP) have “an inalienable right to control their bodies and reproductive systems. It would be utterly unconscionable for a woman to have a baby she doesn’t want. It would be unconscionable and would not be the right thing for that child.”

Having followed this over-the-waters saga, absolutely no different from Victoria’s in 2008, I was amazed at the language used and not questioned.

Here we have Ms Adams speaking about women’s right to their own bodies. But a child has no right to its own body? She also uses the word “child” just like an inanimate object. Not a living, breathing new human being who will grow into a man or woman but simply this disposable “child”. (I suppose it can’t vote at this stage).

The old mantra of it’s strictly a woman’s business because it’s her body and it “doesn’t affect men. It’s not asking them to give up anything. It literally does not affect them”.

Well, it does affect men. They do give up much. They give the very essence of themselves to the other, the one who is now rejecting that essence. As one of my male clients said recently: “I offered everything to save the baby but she didn’t want to. She was my daughter [the baby in womb].” So, the man does lose much.

I am amazed – though I probably shouldn’t be – that this female Prime Minister so soon after birth of her own daughter introduced and passed the new abortion laws. Changed them to move them into the 21st century. I wonder if she remembers that her daughter was also born in the 21st century and how many babies like her daughter will never see the light of day because of her callous disrespect for in utero life. Except her own, of course.

As for mental health, neither Ms Ardern nor her female colleagues who fought so hard to have this law passed have any idea of the horrific mental health consequences to which they have opened the way. One example. Suicide after several abortions because she could hear her babies calling and she wanted to be with them. The self-harm involved. The depression. Substance abuses. Relationship breakdowns. Nightmares.

Anne Lastman,
Victims of Abortion Counsellor



In 1985, then Labor Prime Minister Bob Hawke lamented the bias of the ABC and that its operation left much to be desired. Nothing has changed.

The ABC, as a public broadcaster, should not promote or be an agent of propaganda for any one cause or to politics of left or right. Its charter requires impartiality. Yet, it is run by a staff collective intent on pursuing policies loaded to the left of the political spectrum.

The ABC has promoted dubious causes non-aligned with the thinking of mainstream Australia. This is no more evident than in the program Q&A. Individuals on the panel who have an alternative or conservative viewpoint are in the minority and are often the subject of derision.

The ABC’s biased and disgraceful coverage of the Pell case, led by ABC journalist Louise Milligan in her book, Cardinal: The Rise and Fall of George Pell, was full of gross inaccuracies and in which he was found guilty before any verdict was given.

The ABC sets a dangerous precedent for any other Australian falsely accused and their entitlement to fair reporting.

The ABC receives $1.1 billion of public money annually and yet recently was seeking further government funds while refusing to make the necessary cuts within the organisation.

As none of the political parties of whatever political persuasion has over decades been able to correct the intractable problems within the ABC, perhaps it is time to abolish it and set up several state-run corporations in its place.

Wayne Williams,
State Secretary, Labour DLP,

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