April 18th 2020

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COVER STORY Justice at last: Cardinal Pell set free

EDITORIAL Australia needs an economic reset after covid19 crisis

CANBERRA OBSERVED The very young can still be 'taken care of' during the covid19 outbreak

RURAL AFFAIRS A national disgrace: Our great land sale

NATIONAL AFFAIRS Use detention centres to help deal with covid19

GENDER POLITICS Do we really need to ask, what is a woman?

REFLECTION A chance for a change of heart: Covid19 as Memento mori

FAMILY Who let the kids out? The stay-at-home parent and covid19

ECONOMICS The oil cartel: The lesson for other industries from OEC

HEALTH Lessons from the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic

CULTURE AND SOCIETY There is a war: The battle in and for hearts

ASIAN AFFAIRS What makes China different is not the Chinese but the CCP

HUMOUR Locked down in Covi Town

MUSIC Great, er, swan songs

CINEMA+TV Staying in; staying sane

BOOK REVIEW Not our Robin Hood

BOOK REVIEW At home among others




CARDINAL GEORGE PELL FREE: The commentary file

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News Weekly, April 18, 2020


My wife and I have recently read an article in the January 25, 2020, edition of News Weekly, entitled “Conjugal honour: Love of husband and wife joined together in pure intimacy” by Anne Lastman.

Her article is outstanding and needs to be broadcast from every parish lectern and its wisdom studied by every young person entering their teenage years, along with compassionate teachers of sexual intimacy as in Pope St John Paul’s letter on the family and sexual love within marriage.

We are so appreciative of Anne’s article, which shows that she has a deep and enviable love of the Catholic faith and one that is practical and led by the Holy Spirit. Thank you.

Michael and Roswitha Armit,
Strathpine, Qld.



The question is, should the state control what we can say, teach, and practise in the public square, our homes and schools? Or should we allow individuals the freedom to express their ideas and allow society to challenge the validity of those ideas?

Section 18C of the Federal Racial Discrimination Act and other discrimination laws such as the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act of 1977 have been used by the left to silence those who do not agree with their social revolutionary ideology.

In truth, section 18C is so imprecise and vague that any smart legal person could easily use this law against any person expressing an opinion or belief.

Discrimination laws are divisive as they give protections to some groups that others do not have. To create another discrimination exemption law to counterbalance existing discrimination laws, such as envisioned in the proposed religious freedom bill, will not eliminate conflict as both camps will claim victimhood and probably end up in the courts.

All discrimination laws should be abolished, as the freedoms of expression, association and religion are too important to be trashed by the ideology of the left or any other factional groups.

Freedom of speech means that sometimes our sensibilities may in fact be hurt or even create hurt, but ultimately Truth is greater than the Lie.

Tony van Dorst,
“Dalvan”, Gunnedah, NSW



Covid19 poses a grave threat to the health of our nation and also has the potential to wreck our economy and to induce a deep recession.

The elimination or total lockdown approach of the New Zealand Government is preferable to the containment approach adopted by Australian governments.

In order to deal effectively with the spread of covid19, a total lockdown is required for Australia, with a total ban on all employment (except for health and essential services) and closing down the education sector. This may severely disrupt our lives for four weeks but it will drastically reduce new cases and shorten the length of the impact the virus will have on the economy.

To this end the National Cabinet in covid19 should set up a centralised data-recording centre to monitor the progress of current policies on the entire Australian population. We should be aiming to drastically reduce cases within one month with a possible return to normal situation by the start of August. If the containment model is kept, however, it will be a very long time before Australia begins to return to normality.

The economy can’t sustain prolonged containment and the suffering it will cause to millions who lose their jobs or have their working hours drastically reduced. This will induce a severe recession that will take years if not decades to recover from. It’s highly likely international travel will be severely curtailed.

The covid19 pandemic is the third major contagion to emerge from China. The world community will find it hard to bounce back after covid19 has been contained. The world community should make it clear to China it needs to do more to identify contagions early and that it has the procedures in place to contain them within its borders.

Alan Barron,
Grovedale Vic.



Congratulations on your excellent reporting on Cardinal Pell’s case and subsequent appeals. The detailed and rationally expressed articles have been the only bolster to my faith in the Australian legal system throughout this time.

Peter Westmore has produced thoughtful and measured responses at each step that have been so helpful and enlightening in explaining all of the legalities.

To all of us who have been praying for the Cardinal, this is our Easter gift, and one that we can reflect on especially as we ourselves are now isolated in our homes, unable to be in contact with family and friends, and away from the Easter ceremonies we would normally attend.

Wishing all at News Weekly a blessed Easter, and many thanks again for your interesting and informative articles.

Mrs Anne Weeks,
Picnic Point, NSW

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