April 4th 2020

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COVER STORY The world has changed: Now for the new order

FAMILY AND SOCIETY Move to curtail underage online porn epidemic

CANBERRA OBSERVED ScoMo's delicate balancing act in extraordinary times

NATIONAL AFFAIRS Time and timing are crucial to Cardinal Pell's appeal by Peter Westmore

NEW ZEALAND Political divisions polarise across the Ditch

NEW ZEALAND Victorian Road Map smooths way of NZ anti-life clique to abortion 'reform'

FREE SPEECH Intolerance brigade at UQ attacks professor of Law

NATIONAL AFFAIRS Victoria lifts moratorium of gas exploration

CHINESE HISTORY The Soong Dynasty: Three sisters who rules China

LAW AND SOCIETY Guilt by accusation: The kangaroos are roaming freely through Australia's legal system

GENDER POLITICS Dr Quentin Van Meter's Australian talk is opening eyes in the U.S.

INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS Australia is not safe in the borderless globalised world

SHOPPING AND SOCIETY The Ubermensch in the aisles

MUSIC We seem to have lost the point of counterpoint

CINEMA The Current War: Industrial miracle workers

BOOK REVIEW A dark trade that continues unabated worldwide

EBOOK READ THIS Both sides to this old story



NATIONAL AFFAIRS Use detention centres to help deal with covid19 epidemic

NATIONAL AFFAIRS Justice at last: Cardinal Pell set free

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News Weekly, April 4, 2020


The Wall Street Journal has published a most disturbing article, which describes the condition of the Catholic Church in China. The article refers to a recent agreement between the Catholic Church and the Communist Chinese Government.

In September 2019, Chinese Cardinal Zen wrote a letter of appeal to the world’s 223 cardinals, alleging that the Chinese Church is being “murdered”. Since the agreement came into force, the persecution of the Church has increased.

One is reminded of the concordat agreed between the Vatican and Hitler’s Germany. The Nazis violated the agreement almost as soon as it was signed.

We also had the policy of Ostpolitik pursued by the Vatican in the 1960s and ’70s. That policy only led to much suffering and the dismemberment of the Catholic Church behind the Iron Curtain.

Besides Christians, Tibetan Buddhists, Moslem Uighurs and Falun Gong practitioners are also suffering persecution in China.

For a Church that commendably highlights so many ills in society, it is surprising that these suffering people barely rate a mention.

“Why must the text of the agreement stay secret?” Cardinal Zen asks, “secret even from me – a Chinese Cardinal?”

Is this an instance where Europeans know best?

John Maguire,
Grose Vale, NSW



In overcrowded Europe, waste-to-energy plants were built long ago primarily to reduce the enormous costs of alternative methods of tackling waste disposal. Obviously, their supposed economic justification depends on a “zero cost” of the water-laden waste, plus high and possibly concealed subsidies.

Such plants cannot be considered viable, in the proper sense, for electricity generation; even if com-pared with the wettest coals used in the Latrobe region of Victoria.

In drought-stricken Australia, planning to grow biomass on productive soils for electricity generation by any process, ancient or ultra new, strikes me as a madness revealed by St Paul in 2 Thessalonians 2:8-13.

Guy Caruana,
East Gosford, NSW

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