March 21st 2020

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COVER STORY Murray River full; reservoirs low; farms for sale ...

ILLICIT DRUGS Cannabis marketed to children in Colorado

CANBERRA OBSERVED Budget surplus a goner but low interest rates a treasurer's dream

NATIONAL AFFAIRS 'Black Summer' bushfire inquiries: What must be done

GENDER POLITICS Young people deserve better than being rushed into transitioning

FOREIGN AFFAIRS Myth-busting China's 'soft power'

CLIMATE CHANGE Where's the evidence for man-made global warming?

NATIONAL AFFAIRS Cardinal Pell's appeal heard in the High Court

ON CAMPUS Young Liberals politics heats up after death of Wilson Gavin

OBITUARY Farewell to the indomitable John Barich

POLITICS AND SOCIETY Beyond the Great Divide

ASIA China's waterways bring prosperity ... and sorrow

LIFE ISSUES Age does not dim the memory of such loss

HUMOUR Men and women and others of Australia ...

MUSIC Evaluations of good, better, best can collapse into musical chairs

CINEMA Motherless Brooklyn: Gazing into the heart of the city

BOOK REVIEW How language is being degraded for political purposes

BOOK REVIEW Not very fresh options for a capitalism in which capital is worthless



NEW ZEALAND: Victorian Road Map smooths way of NZ anti-life clique to abortion 'reform'

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News Weekly, March 21, 2020


A lone old man shuffles along,
oblivious to all others on the busy city street;
His destination visible across a grassy reserve
– a familiar park-bench seat.

But wait, let’s look again, he’s not really all that old,
another glance reveals one quite young.
His reality in decline as fate casts
his aging body to society’s lowest rung.

Clinging to his few valued possessions
hidden away discretely in green garbage bags;
A last tangible link to the world’s materialism
not evident in his clothed rags.

Existing in a world of black and white shadows,
all creation’s colours have retreated;
He sprawls out on the bench, half-sitting, half-lying,
as though not deserving to be normally seated.

Now ignored by a stream of passing workers,
raising from these barely a cursory glance;
People he once would have proudly led in commerce
– his leadership long passed its chance.

Eventually produced is something enclosed in brown paper
providing the contents with an anonymous mask;
The owner quickly and surreptitiously sliding to his lips
the ubiquitous glass flask.

More upmarket than the deadly “white lady”,
but homage still paid as it’s consumed,
To the feared Korsakoffs syndrome
and countless sad folk in its wake left doomed.

No garden enclosed home awaits,
no deserved relaxing swim in a tiled backyard tub;
Just a line-up in a crowded homeless shelter
for a bed and some sustaining grub.

A tragic never-ending cycle to be repeated
each and every new day without fail;
Until inevitable death releases
the addicted captive from an earthly gaol.

Graeme Payne

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