March 7th 2020

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COVER STORY Beyond the Great Divide

EDITORIAL Holden, China, covid19: Time for industry reset

CANBERRA OBSERVED Political promises on the Never Never never never work well for the nation

CLIMATE POLITICS Business joins in climate change chorus

FOREIGN AFFAIRS Divided Democrats will help re-elect Donald Trump

GENDER POLITICS Project Nettie: Science takes on ideology

FOREIGN AFFAIRS Myth-busting China's 'soft power'

FOREIGN AFFAIRS Covid19 outbreak hits China's growth, imperils Communist Party

POLITICS AND SOCIETY What should the champions of democracy care about?

HISTORY Putting Lenin on the train: History's biggest blunder

NCC CONFERENCE 2020 Strengthening family, freedom, and sovereignty in a hostile world

HUMOUR Hooray for our premiers

MUSIC Handel: A composer who knew the value of a quick turnaround

CINEMA Emma: Handsome, clever, rich

BOOK REVIEW Useful but limited analysis of the breakdown of distinctions today

BOOK REVIEW The successive possessors of the West's first printed book




NATIONAL AFFAIRS Cardinal Pell's appeal in the High Court this week

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News Weekly, March 7, 2020


I look at you gazing in wonder
At the bright world that captivates you
So different from where you evolved from
So bright, so strident and new.


How much do you know or remember
About where you came from my dear
Do remnants of memory still linger
Of the world that you came from to here

Do you remember seeing God’s hand creating
Forming you for the journey ahead
Do you remember a previous life form
Do you remember any words that were said

At the unseen creation of your new life
As you passed from your preworld to this
Did you get a farewell from your Angel
From your creator a smile and a kiss

Do you get sometimes in the present
A thought drifting into your mind
A faint memory, picture or feeling
Of the old life that you’ve left behind

I look at you when you’re not watching
Witness your far away stare
Are you wistfully remembering your preworld
That I don’t understand and can’t share

This sensory stillness that fills you
That doesn’t belong to this world
Are you merging your senses in focus
To capture this vision my girl

These memories will soon be forgotten
Gone the thoughts from above
Replaced by the smile of your mother
Life’s purest expression of love

I wish you could tell me what you see
As you dreamily stare into space
But I’m sure the vision before you
Is the last time you gazed at God’s face.

Terry Jordan

All you need to know about
the wider impact of transgenderism on society.
TRANSGENDER: one shade of grey, 353pp, $39.99

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NATIONAL AFFAIRS Cardinal Pell's appeal in the High Court this week

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COVER STORY Beyond the Great Divide

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EDITORIAL Holden, China, covid19: Time for industry reset

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