January 25th 2020

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Conjugal honour: Love of husband and wife joined together in pure intimacy

by Anne Lastman

News Weekly, January 25, 2020

Contemporary society seems to have lost the understanding and the meaning of conjugal honour or even the will or knowledge of how to protect conjugal honour.


Perhaps many reasons can be cited for this loss of knowledge but, first, what is “conjugal honour”? My understanding of conjugal honour is that union between husband and wife in which no other can share or enter in. Only a betrothed couple may share conjugal honour.

That intimate community resembles the divine community. A community where life abides. No other community can say that it contains that mystery which is in married state, with all its secrecy, laws, language and love. No other community demands such honour as does the conjugal community.

This is the community that both husband and wife enter and in which they vow to remain united until the time comes for one or the other or both to go. Sometimes leaving the community individually; at other times together, hand in hand, they move to that greater community of which their own conjugal community was a forerunner and foretaste.

We have in our day lost the sense of conjugal honour and its meaning because of the changes in sexual understanding and morality that have overtaken us.

“It was because you were unteachable” he said “that Moses allowed you to divorce your wives, but it was not so from the beginning” (Matthew 19:8).

It’s because in the past two generations we have been found to be unteachable that a pseudo relationship became confused with conjugal intimacy and conjugal honour. An artificial application of the conjugal state has been forced upon society. A pseudo conjugal state that cannot even contemplate but only simulate the intimate community where conjugal honour resides and where “life” can abide.

Beginning with “living together”, which can be said to be a trial run or even a probation marriage in which, if difficulties appear, or when desires wane and something new is sought, the intimate community of the couple can be disbanded – the community that can envelope and protect life is abandoned.

The couple entering such a pseudo-marriage cannot establish the intimate community that lasts the term of life – the same life that they hide from view because of the agreed temporariness of their pledge, which is based only on physical responses. Otherwise they would seek to make the union whole and total. The conjugal union would be so honoured that it would seem to be right that the union be protected from intrusion so that life residing there would know that honour.

Probation intimacy, divorce make to fade that intimate community (where love abides) because both are a rejection or refusal of that knowledge about conjugal honour. Conjugal honour has slowly been withdrawn from the intimacy of the couple.

Rejection of conjugal honour leads to an inability to see that in every woman is written the code word “mother”. In that conjugal community “mother” has a special meaning. And the male has the code word “father”, with its own special meaning.

These two words are the result of honour given to both who have entered that special intimate community which constitutes the married state. Conjugal honour is deeply written into the sexual act and may not to be violated, because “it was not so in the beginning”.

Loss of conjugal reverence has led to abortion and its obscene growth. This loss means that several generations have not known or been taught about the holiness of the body and how the body must be honoured because it has been created to be a part of an intimate community in the image of the divine. Central to that likeness to the divine is its capacity to perpetuate life.

This is not the same thing as a group or community of people gathering with the same beliefs and ideals. Rather it is an intimate, holy community that only two may enter and be held together there to continue the work of furthering creation. This new intimate community is to imitate the love and life of that God in whose image we are made (Genesis 1:27).

We have abortion in horrendous numbers. We have relationships rendered purposely sterile. We have demands for death (euthanasia/assisted suicide). Because first there was a loss of honour. Loss of conjugal honour. Loss of conjugal awe. Loss of conjugal reverence and unholy intrusion into that space of intimacy where only honour, respect, reverence, and awe should abide because this sacred place is the office of the nature of love.

Modern sexual couplings (experimental, life choices) cannot declare conjugal honour because the pseudo-nature of those couplings fails part of its mandate: donation from him to her and her to him; where each gives a gift wholly and completely of himself or herself to the other. No other can ever replicate the original donation; and, from that, donation … life.

Within every marriage there abide three persons: the husband, the wife and the Holy Spirit (Lord and Giver of life) who enters the union and remains. The spirit does not know how to be party to a fourth or fifth or sixth intrusion. That union is holy because the Spirit has accepted the troth of fidelity and the Spirit does not know how to be unfaithful.

What is needed is an understanding of the language of the body, not in prudishness but with respect, reverence and awe, because it is the way God deemed the mystery of life to be.

A return to the understanding of how God desired life must needs be the new overtures spoken to humankind, speaking to all couples of their precious, spousal nature, which is not to be abused and discarded. Because once reverence for their bodies has been rejected and the community of intimacy invaded by an intruder, the gift given in that community, the infant, is discarded. But they are to hear their true story: which is that they have been created for life and great honour.

The new language must speak truth in these times, the truth that has been forgotten or is but a distant memory, as an echo of something from long ago. It must speak of the conjugal mystery that tabernacles life and the honour due to it. It must do this because, due to the loss of such knowledge, the language spoken in this day serves death.

The new language for the recovery of the treasures of the Garden (conjugal intimacy) must speak of holiness and speak the word … life.

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