October 19th 2019

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When Maggie (Sanger) met Mickie (Mann)

by Paul Collits

News Weekly, October 19, 2019

U.S. 2020 presidential hopeful, the ageing socialist Bernie Sanders, has belled the cat. Sanders has suggested that, to save the planet, America must fund abortion in poor countries.

As The Christian Post reported: “Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders railed against the Trump Administration for ending U.S. funding of abortion businesses overseas and said one of the benefits of abortion is that it reduces the population.”

It happened at a recent Democrat townhall on climate change. “A woman asks Bernie Sanders how he would help curb overpopulation of the Earth. Sanders replies – I kid you not – that we need increased access to ‘abortion’ to curb population growth in order to prevent climate change,” Boyce College biblical studies professor Denny Burk wrote on Twitter. “Killing babies in utero is now the answer to climate change?”

This bold play articulates a plan of the globalist elites that has been hiding in plain sight for some time. Prince Harry and his princess bride have been spruiking the “only have two children” theme of late. The endlessly tedious Swedish 16-year-old climate warrior Greta Thunberg has been on the world (well, United Nations) stage spouting cognate messages about the climate “emergency”, as the globalist elites have taken to terming our present climate situation.

The play is transparent. The move from “climate change” to “climate emergency”, pathetic though it is, has captured the attention of the force-feeding mainstream media, such that we are now all feeling under siege.

Switch to New South Wales, where the latest abortion rights play has just been rolled out. “Decriminalise”. “Bring into line with other states”. “Reproductive rights”. And so on. The alleged “conservative” Government of NSW has chaperoned the gay-abortion industrial complex through Australia’s oldest Parliament to deliver radical abortion laws that Daniel Andrews and Annastacia Palaszczuk would have been proud of, merely months after John Howard stood by Gladys Berejiklian on the hustings. Tony Abbott has correctly called these laws “infanticide on demand”.

So, we have radical abortion laws visited upon an unsuspecting NSW polity, matching the long anti-life march through the Australian parliaments in other jurisdictions that seek to gift to the state the power over life at its beginning and its end.

Now, with the climate warriors on the march even as their weird, far-fetched theories meet ever-greater scepticism among “quiet Australians”, we have the great meeting of agendas. We have a reason for killing the babies! There is no future for babies, since we are doomed.

Here we have Thomas Malthus, Margaret Sanger, Paul Ehrlich and climate demagogues like Michael Mann and Tim Flannery rolled into one. Climate catastrophist fantasies have been weaponised – against the unborn.

This is the globalist agenda, stripped bare.

This should be a cause of massive concern to thinking, sensible Australians. Most people do not recognise any climate “emergency”. They are dragooned, in their workplaces and by government agencies, to conforming with ever-expanding, politically correct bulldust to which they do not subscribe.

This has captured local councils that seek to demonstrate their “correct” views”, the universities that “educate” our young, the progressive media and the woke corporations that exert so much power over our lives.

Yet, where is the leadership from the major parties? National “leaders” stand there, neither doing nor saying much by way of pushback.

The Nationals are all but gone. Former Deputy Prime Minister John Anderson has said as much.

“People like my wife will feel truly alienated from the party that she’s been a part of ever since she married me,” Mr Anderson said.

Seventeen of the 19 NSW Nationals parliamentarians are pro-choice.

The NSW Liberal Party is firmly in the hands of the “moderate” Photios faction. The electoral miracle man ScoMo has been all but silent, or else he endlessly tantalises without direction or spine, on core issues of life, sexual politics, cultural retreat, religious freedom and cloying climate ideology.

Three Labor heroes in the NSW upper house defied the zeitgeist to stand for life.

The pro-life cause was left to, of all people, One Nation and the Shooters Party, as well as the Christian Democrats and a small number of courageous Liberals.

The overlap between pro-choice, pro-gay agendas and the climate catastrophists at the level of state politics is there for all to see. The Liberal gays and pro-abortionists are the same “moderates” who worry about the climate. This is the Davos brigade, the representatives of the globalist elites who favour libertinism on social policy combined with woke environmentalism.

So, when old Bernie suggests we abort babies to save the planet, he seems to have a receptive band in Australia, ready to enact Alex Greenwich-style policies that will achieve the great quinella: kill the babies, save the planet.

Nobel-prize claiming climate “scientist” Michael Mann, the inventor of the notorious hockey stick, might be reassured to note that there does seem to have been a hockey stick of sorts in relation to the sudden uptick in support for the climate catastrophe, child-restrictionist ideology that has suddenly found such articulation in one Bernie Sanders. He speaketh for the new ruling class.

Paul Collits is a writer, university lecturer, independent researcher, policy adviser and business mentor. He has worked in regional economic development analysis, research, training, policy and practice for over 25 years.

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