October 19th 2019

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Transgenderism poses biggest threat to religious freedom

by NW Contributor

News Weekly, October 19, 2019

While the feminist revolution took decades to take hold and for society to adapt, the new transgender revolution is being imposed by stealth and subversion with such speed that the broader society has no real concept of what is being thrust upon it.

And while feminism (broadly defined as equality of the sexes) had a powerful and logical inevitability to it, the transgender revolution seeks to impose societal changes to language, customs, attitudes and behaviour that, at best, are contradictory and reality defying but, at worst, are dangerous and life threatening.

Thus the serious and thoughtful contribution to debate by organisations associated with this publication is a both a welcome and important one.

In a joint submission to Attorney-General Christian Porter’s consultation on his proposed Religious Freedom Bill, the National Civic Council and the Australian Family Association have mounted a cogent warning on the societal dangers of gender-identity laws, and the threat they pose to the freedoms of both religious and secular people.

In particular the joint submission seeks to remedy 2013 changes to the Sex Discrimination Act, which are being used and manipulated to usher in the transgender revolution.

Explaining the societal divide, the submission says: “There is an irresolvable divide between those who hold the ‘biological worldview’ that human sexual identity is binary, male and female, and those who believe the ideological, ‘transgender worldview’ that human sexual identity is fluid and changeable depending on how a person feels.”

A plethora of state and federal laws over very recent times have been the tools for imposing this revolution. But unelected corporations and bureaucrats are also initiating their own employment policies and workplace protocols, from gender-neutral toilets to special days or events, which oblige all staff to participate.

“When laws and corporate codes protect a person by their gender identity, they force on all citizens a new, highly contested, socially constructed ideology, that says everyone is now recognised as having a legal, self-defined gender identity in place of their biological sex,” the joint submission says.

But gender-neutral toilets and sports do not mean “diversity” but “uniformity”, often the result of institutional codes of conduct, where everyone is treated same-same, the submission says.

If employees do not join in celebrations or do not embrace symbols of diversity such as rainbow flags or wearing purple clothing against their beliefs, then they are “outed” as homophobic or transphobic.

Since the 2013 amendments to the Sex Discrimination Act, several state education departments have issued policies requiring state school authorities to negotiate with transgender students as to which toilets, other facilities, sports and services they can access at school.

As a consequence, a boy who self-identifies as a girl must be allowed into the girls’ showers, toilets, change rooms and dormitories or into facilities separate from those provided normally to boys and girls.

This would allow 17-year old biological boys into the same toilets and change rooms as 13-year-old girls, the submission states.

On the one hand, refusal to comply with these policies can result in discrimi­nation charges, loss of professional accreditation and employment. On the other hand, implementing these policies could lead to charges for the failure of duty of care if a girl is sexually abused in these facilities by a natal male.

Go figure.

The vast number of transsexual, spectrum, non-binary and genderless categories and permutations means that gender identity is so broad that it is possible for every person on earth to have their own self-defined, fluid gender identity, and hence their own unique set of rights according to their chosen gender identity.

The submission asks, will biological women be accused of discrimination against transsexual male-to-females if they ask to have only biological females carry out intimate examinations and treatments such as pap smears, or refuse to do body-waxing on a man who self-identifies as a woman, with or without sex change surgery?

Then there are examples of the dangers.

In Britain, Martin Ponting, sentenced to life in 1995 for the rape of two girls under the age of 16, was moved to the all-women prison of Bronzefield in Surrey in 2017.

This was because he identified as a woman, who goes by the name Jessica Winfield. He received a £10,000 National Health Service sex change in prison.

“Jessica” started molesting inmates almost immediately after transferring to a women’s prison. “Jessica” has since been segregated, according to reports.

Then there is the issue of women’s safe spaces, such as beauty parlours, gyms, clubs, swimming pools that are exclusively for women.

Who gets to go there now?

The joint submission seeks from Australia’s lawmakers that they take a step back and recognise the biological worldview, and that those who hold this should not be discriminated against.

It says that the proposed religious freedom legislation should not proceed until gender-identity laws have been reviewed.

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