October 19th 2019

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Pornography and the transgender agenda

by Jacqueline Gwynne

News Weekly, October 19, 2019

I interviewed Jon K. Uhler recently on the We Are Change Melbourne YouTube Channel about his work at Pennsylvania State Corrections Department, where he worked for 11 years as prison counsellor to sex offenders, serial killers and pedophiles.

Imagine being prevented from saving your child
from an electric shock, and you will have an idea
of how those parents feel whose children
get entangled in the transgender agenda.

Unlike academics who research these criminals via textbooks, Jon got to know these men closely, interviewed them daily and had access to their files that academics don’t have.

He began his career working with victims of sexual violence and founded the organisation, Survivor Support.

Serial killer Ted Bundy confessed in his last interview before being executed that every violent criminal had a pornography addiction. Bundy’s claim was dismissed because the interviewer, Dr James Dobson, hand selected by Bundy, was a Christian.

Jon confirmed to me that Bundy’s claim was correct. When Ted Bundy committed his crimes, it was decades before the internet, smartphones and the widespread accessibility of free online pornography. Pornography has come a long way since the 1970s when Bundy committed his crimes. It has become increasingly dark and depraved, yet is available for free at any time. The average age of exposure is 11.

There has been a long-held belief that pedophiles are victims of pedophiles themselves. There is, however, no evidence to support this claim. Jon undertook thousands of interviews with sex offenders and uncovered one key piece of information: 100 per cent of these men had a pornography addiction.

Pornography is highly addictive and, as with every addiction, it escalates to a point where the addict cannot draw stimulation unless they are constantly exposed to novelty and more extreme material. Addicts begin with regular “vanilla” pornography with adult women, which spirals into seeking more hardcore material (sadomasochism, for example) until they reach the point of no return with child and snuff pornography.

Watching pornography is never enough and results in the addict acting out with vulnerable women and children. Before his position as a prison counsellor Jon worked with victims of sexual abuse. His research revealed that victims generally do not go on to be perpetrators but become hyper vigilant and protective of other children.

What stood out with pedophiles was their sophistication. These men were highly educated, white-collar criminals. They were charming and articulate liars.

Well before these perpetrators ended up in prison, they had reached a point of no return. Long-term exposure to pornography causes brain damage in the addict. Brain scans show a lack of stimulation in psychopaths and only when exposed to viewing trauma inflicted upon others, does their brain light up.

The brain damage is irreparable and the addict becomes a psychopath with no empathy for others and no conscience. Psychopaths are not born like it, they become this way and our culture is creating them.

Jon speaks out on the aggressive push of the transgender movement and how its agenda benefits sexual predators. There has been a campaign to add a P (for “pedophile”) to the LGBTI acronym. The transgender movement is succeeding in the normalising of pedophilia, sexualising children and creating gender confusion. It is being accelerated via comprehensive sex education, including the “Safe Schools” program in Australia. This program is sold as an anti-bullying program but is nothing more than a curriculum of sexual grooming.

The transgender movement has created a perfect hunting opportunity for deviant men to prey on children and our school system is allowing it. “Safe Schools” is not an LGBTI anti-bullying program but is sexualising and exposing children to pornographic material and prostitution services. Children are being mani­pulated and coerced into alternative queer lifestyles without their parents’ knowledge or consent.

Teachers and school psychologists are encouraging impressionable and confused children to gender-transition. The treatment for gender transition initially begins with hormone blockers to prevent puberty, before going on to cross-sex hormone treatment.

These medications are dangerous, and can cause osteoarthritis, and cancer. Hormone blockers assist to keep the child in a perpetual state of pre-pubescence and gender confusion. These children are provided with an adult mentor in their transition, leaving the child very susceptible to predators. If parents object, they are labelled uncaring bigots and the authorities may take their children away.

Gender dysphoria and queer lifestyles are being encouraged from many angles, on social media, youth movements and programs like “Drag Queen Story Hour” at local libraries, where grown men wearing women’s underwear and clothing read stories also promoting alternative lifestyles to children. This program has been launched around the world and there have been reports of men dressing as women that have criminal records as sex offenders.

In his practice, Jon works with families where a common complaint from women is that men do not spend time with their own children. So, if strangers are showing interest in spending time with children, this should be ringing alarm bells.

Hear the full interview with Jon K. Uhler on YouTube

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