September 7th 2019

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Governments plan to do what the climate itself has so far failed to do: Impoverish our lives

by Chris McCormack

News Weekly, September 7, 2019


  • Climate-change hysteria has led to “flight shaming” and taxing flights and meat
  • IPCC wants to curb meat consumption and redistribute private land
  • Elites gain from “climate-change industry”, while everyone else pays

The players in the “carbon-dioxide-is-the-devil” agenda have moved beyond coercing governments to replace affordable and reliable power with expensive, intermittent electricity, to taxing meat and airline flights, and advocating the redistribution of land.

The French Government will impose an “eco tax” of up to €18 ($A30) per flight out of France to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions, which will raise $300 million per year, starting in 2020. The Netherlands is planning to introduce a €7.50 tax on flying in 2021, which will apparently lead to a 4 per cent increase in ticket prices, a 4 per cent decrease in passenger numbers and generate €324 million for the treasury, according to an unpublished European Commission report.

In what is a case of attempted corporate suicide, Dutch airline KLM is actually encouraging people to fly less. But, if they must fly, they should offset their “carbon footprint” by contributing to the EU Emissions Trading System or KLM’s CO2ZERO program. No doubt, both “clever” schemes where the elites gain further wealth from those brainwashed into thinking they’re saving the planet.

The 16-year-old Swedish climate activist and darling of “climate-emergency” advocating elites around the globe, Greta Thunberg, has been leading the charge in the “flygskam”, or “shame linked to flying” movement, which has gained popularity in Scandinavia and Germany and has vocal support in the United States from Democratic Party congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, aka AOC.

In June, flight shame was discussed at an aviation summit in Seoul, where International Air Transport Association head Alexandre de Juniac told chief executives: “Unchallenged, this sentiment will grow and spread.” Responding to “flygskam”, Qantas CEO Alan Joyce, in an uncharacteristic moment of talking sense, said: “We don’t want to go back to the 1920s and not have air travel. We need to make sure that we keep the baby [and don’t throw it out with the bathwater], because it is important for the world economy to have connections.”

Flight shaming has been levelled at Prince Harry and wife Meghan, and Leonardo DiCaprio, who have used private jets despite calling for everybody to reduce their “carbon footprints”. I guess they figured the same rules didn’t apply to elites, but their hypocrisy has been exposed.

In Germany, Luisa-Marie Neubauer, one of the main organisers of the school strike-for-climate movement inspired by Greta Thunberg, suggested a ban on domestic air travel could be “conceivable”. It had support from Hamburg’s Environmental Senator Jens Kerstan, who also called for lower traffic speed limits to lower carbon-dioxide emissions.

And who better to proliferate the “climate-emergency” propaganda than the youth who will parrot back the lies they are indoctrinated with at school and in the media, to the feigned amazement of the influencers who filled their heads with it, and then fawn over them at the “wisdom” coming “out of the mouths of babes”? The youth are simply pawns (whose youthful attraction and emotion is leveraged) in the game of mass-indoctrination of the population.

At the risk of offending all youth, a quote from James David Banker’s article on Quillette, “The Children of the Revolution”, seems to sum up the situation: “The young may be pure in heart, but they are also high on emotion and short on life experience. Simply put, they are natural philistines.”

Meanwhile, an Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report entitled “Climate change and land” claims that “an estimated 23 per cent of total anthropogenic greenhouse-gas emissions (2007–16) derive from agriculture, forestry and other land use” It recommends taxing foods deemed to produce high carbon-dioxide emissions, through “policies that operate across the food system, including those that … influence dietary choices … [and] … factoring environmental costs into food [and] making payments for ecosystem services”. (p32)

Painting unrestricted farming of animals as dangerous for the climate, the report says “balanced diets, featuring plant-based foods, such as those based on coarse grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, and animal-sourced food produced in resilient, sustainable and low-GHG emission systems, present major opportunities for adaptation and mitigation … [of climate change]”. (p26)

In deference to a Stalinesque model of agricultural production, the IPCC report says: “Land policies (including recognition of customary tenure, community mapping, redistribution, decentralisation, co-management, regulation of rental markets) can provide both security and flexibility response to climate change.” (p31) It seems that hysteria over anthropogenic climate change could be the catalyst for centralised control of land, free movement of people and even restrictions on what we eat.

The Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Bill was introduced into New Zealand’s Parliament in May and is currently before a select committee. It aims provisionally to reduce biological methane emissions – that is, livestock burping and farting – by 24 to 47 per cent by 2050 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

Federated Farmers of New Zealand vice-president Andrew Hoggard said: “At this point in time, we have no idea how to achieve reductions of this level, without culling significant stock numbers.” This puts at risk New Zealand’s $9.84 billion sheep and beef industry.

It shouldn’t really come as any surprise that those with the most to gain from forced phasing out of meat in our diet are wealthy elites ready to profit from globalist control of what we eat. Who else but Bill Gates and Leonardo DiCaprio would have invested in company “Beyond Meat”, which just listed on the stockmarket at over $A1.8 billion?

As Charles Kadlec’s article (“The goal is power: The global warming conspiracy”, Forbes, July 25, 2011) points out: “Regulation of CO2 is the gateway for those who control government to regulate all economic and most human activity.” Ironically, the hoi polloi are not only ignorant of the totalitarian agenda, but actively encouraging their own impoverishment and enslavement. One may ask, why?

In a world where religious belief is diminishing and reason has taken a backseat, human yearning for meaning in life has turned to virtue signalling and feeling superior. Egos crave to be massaged by a recognition of one’s own efforts in saving the world from “catastrophic climate change”. Individual and collective consciences can be appeased by convincing themselves that they are “on the right side of history” in “the greatest moral challenge of our time”, as former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd put it.

Forget sex trafficking and slavery, the millions of babies in the womb killed through abortion, systemic corruption leading to poverty and death in many nations, the invasion of nations by foreign military forces or civil wars, widespread rape, violence and murder. No, these pale into insignificance when compared with that evil carbon dioxide, the source of all life on earth!

The incredible aspect of the mass movement against carbon dioxide is that there is little resistance to the global elites and multinationals who directly profit from climate-change schemes that tax everyone else. Where is the “one percenter” crowd when you need them to expose the inequality of climate-change policies?

Indeed, those who have supped from the chalice containing the anthropogenic climate-change Kool-Aid are either ignorant, or guard jealously their own positions of influence.

Take, for example, Yarra City Council in Melbourne, which has just advertised a $95,000-a-year position for a Climate Emergency Officer. The job is, among other things, to “investigate, prepare, and support applications for relevant grant programs to secure funds to enable delivery of climate emergency action and engagement programs”. It’s nice work if you can get it: an elitist salary to scaremonger and spread mistruths every day so more elites can gain funding on the back of taxing the masses.

It may be a very long time before the gravy train for climate alarmists reaches its terminus, it seems. Twenty-eight councils around the country have declared a climate emergency, adding to the 800 worldwide, which encompass more than 140 million people.

As long as the “climate-emergency” lunacy continues to influence governments and corporations, the masses will pay more, be controlled more, and may even have their land redistributed.

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