August 24th 2019

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COVER STORY Biological and transgender worldviews are mutually exclusive

CANBERRA OBSERVED Can you have too much of a renewables thing?

FREEDOM OF SPEECH Professor Augusto Zimmermann addresses NCC WA on freedoms

NSW ABORTION BILL Clear and present danger to women's health

RURAL AFFAIRS Land-clearing laws render productive land useless and worthless

NATIONAL AFFAIRS Why an indigenous referendum is misconceived

POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY The post-liberal way: Make good use of the time in the wilderness

ASIAN AFFAIRS Hong Kong defies its obtrusive overlord

SPECIAL FILM REVIEW Danger Close: Australia's fiercest battle of the Vietnam War

HUMOUR Rage against the baked bean

MUSIC Riff wrap: The thing that makes it go 'pop'

CLASSIC CINEMA Dr Strangelove: Helpless fear turned to laughter

BOOK REVIEW The epic awfulness of Mao and his 'isms'

BOOK REVIEW From slave to son of the Church




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News Weekly, August 24, 2019

My Fisherman

“The man who is to be a bishop, then, must be one with whom no fault can be found . . .” I Timothy 3:2 

A man: not one of the effete,
Nor one declined to Sodom’s heat;
If virginal, who might have wed –
And never slights the marriage bed
(Hence trusted by each man and wife
Clasped in the canticle of life).

A liturgist, both old and new,
Who, mastering his Fortescue,
Has ditched the Novus Ordo quite
To worship with Tradition’s rite;
Yet one not so fastidious
That every trend is hideous.

A scholar – but a pleasured mind,
To culture never dull or blind,
Who knows his poets off by heart –
Who travels all the realms of art;
Yet, at man’s deep debate – at need –
The rock that infidels must heed …

But, O the Fall! Bishops are marred!
(As all, from Paradise debarred);
Still, never may their Cross be made
Their tool to ply the Devil’s trade:
Make death seem life – killing to rule
What’s true, what’s good, what’s beautiful.

Andrew Huntley

All you need to know about
the wider impact of transgenderism on society.
TRANSGENDER: one shade of grey, 353pp, $39.99

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