July 27th 2019

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COVER STORY Fixing Australia: Can we trust the Morrison Government?

ENERGY Yallourn early closure more than a mere challenge, Mr Premier

CANBERRA OBSERVED Can Labor learn a lesson or is it unredeemable?

NATIONAL AFFAIRS High power prices lead to more deaths of elderly

GENDER POLITICS Catholic Ed's document strong on doctrine, weak on protocols

ENERGY Renewables do push up power price: Chicago economists

OBITUARY The eminence of Dr Joe Santamaria

HISTORY OF SCIENCE Faith and reason and Father Stanley Jaki, Part 6: Medieval Christendom sparks a revolution

ENVIRONMENT As many Pacific islands are rising as are sinking

ASIAN AFFAIRS Uyghurs lose in ethnic power play

POETRY AND HISTORY The epic of the White Horse

HUMOUR On patrol with Father Bruce

MUSIC Joao Gilberto: Carrier of melodies

CINEMA Crawl: Toothful entertainment

BOOK REVIEW America's postwar boom and its end

BOOK REVIEW The story of the drafting of a great document

BOOK REVIEW The facts behind an undying distortion



FOREIGN AFFAIRS Boris Johnson and the EU: Crash through or just crash

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News Weekly, July 27, 2019

Your Mother’s Faith

You mock her gently in a … loving way
This beautiful woman who bore you
Patronising wouldn’t be too strong
But not a callous superior attitude
More one of gentle, patient tut-tutting
She really should know better!

Blind belief in things so vague
So naive, so childish almost
How embarrassing to have a mother
Who can’t see the modern way … The truth!
An addict … high on the people’s opiate
Oblivious to the sneers of your peers … The shame!

Ahh … but do you really know her
Have you seen with eyes like mine?

Exhausted, she picks you up
To silence your demanding cry
Cries go silent … feeding urgently
Gifting life and love to you
You … mewling, stretching, so helpless, small
Held firm in the arms of love

In the gloom I look at you
Snuffling, nuzzling … dozing
She looks at me … sparkling eyes,
Glittering gems lighting up the room
Her one word … whispered … “b e a u t i f u l”
Rings softly through the night … perfection!

Even in my dozing state
Where fog of night cloaks reason
I see a truth larger than life itself
In a mother’s love … distilled … so pure
Mirrored, a reflection of the greatest love.

To have seen … is never to doubt!

Terry Jordan,
July 19, 2011

Written for one of my children who was always complaining about her mother going on about taking their faith more seriously. We used to have our babies in the bassinet next to the bed for about six months after they were born and this poem is about the night feeds.



All you need to know about
the wider impact of transgenderism on society.
TRANSGENDER: one shade of grey, 353pp, $39.99

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