June 29th 2019

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COVER STORY John Setka, for all his faults, is the perfect scapegoat

FIGHTING FUND NCC president Patrick J. Byrne outlines the goals for 2019

SPECIAL FEATURE Author Rod Dreher brings St Benedict to bear on our decline and fall

INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS One million protest China's attack on Hong Kong's freedom

GENDER POLITICS Vatican issues document on gender ideology

POLITICS AND SOCIETY New secularist strategies to bury Christianity

HISTORY OF SCIENCE Faith and reason and Father Stanley Jaki, Part 4: Ancient Jewish view of the cosmos

NATIONAL AFFAIRS Cardinal Pell's appeal: An account from the live streaming

BANKING FEATURE Greed works ... at least for a while and for a few

IDEOLOGY Feminist claims for equality, Part 2: What feminism should be

IDEOLOGY WARS Roger Scruton and the Tories: a sorry tale

MUSIC Melodic abundance: John, Paul, Duke and Antonio

CINEMA The End: Staging the apocalypse

BOOK REVIEW Scenes from Dante's Inferno

BOOK REVIEW Mrs Gould: she who drew the pictures



NATIONAL AFFAIRS A Q&A to clarify issues in Cardinal Pell's appeal

HUMOUR A Western flop lob-story and that

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News Weekly, June 29, 2019

The Twitter Tweets


The twits on twitter tweet to us
Like sores disgorging social pus
Their singular voice makes out to be
The voice of all democracy

They cluster round each social cause
Like blowflies round communal sores
And tweet their venom to us all
Poisoning us with thinking small

But hidden behind the keyboard keys
Is a pimply faced uncertainty
With no concept of truths of life
That responds to all with emotions rife

Older twits who should know better
Fire off their hashtag letter
Based on hormone feelings strong
Where thought and reason don’t belong

These never front up their beliefs
In public forums stark relief
But hide in darkened corners mute
And pounce just to create dispute

Now social media’s our belief
Which messages us with thoughts in brief
And paints for us the collective future
That binds us all in social sutures

Think my friends, what do we do
To give to these anonymous few
The power to direct our common goals
And paint the outlook for our souls

They give no thought to Hume or Plato,
Or philosophers from long ago
Great minds that once ruled all thought
Twitter has brought them to nought

A lonely being with no importance
With keystrokes can create some thoughts
That dictate values, control our wits
And so, we’re ruled by pimply twits

The popular media demands
That we must all lay down our arms
And surrender to these anonymous few


Terry Jordan, July 10, 2018

All you need to know about
the wider impact of transgenderism on society.
TRANSGENDER: one shade of grey, 353pp, $39.99

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