June 29th 2019

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SPECIAL FEATURE Author Rod Dreher brings St Benedict to bear on our decline and fall

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POLITICS AND SOCIETY New secularist strategies to bury Christianity

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CINEMA The End: Staging the apocalypse

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NATIONAL AFFAIRS A Q&A to clarify issues in Cardinal Pell's appeal

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News Weekly, June 29, 2019

CFMEU pro Adani

Peter Westmore and Patrick Byrne, in their joint editorial in the June 1, 2019, edition of News Weekly, say that “far-left unions such as the CFMEU” were involved in a concerted national campaign against Adani. I wish to point out that the CFMEU was supporting Adani and the coal industry.

In the article, “CFMEU vows to back more pro-coal rallies” in The Australian Financial Review of May 1, 2019, it is reported that: “The CFMEU – which has asked Labor candidates to sign a pledge backing coal, including the Adani mine – has been vocal in calling for the Palaszczuk Government to approve the Adani mine to create much-needed jobs in regional Queensland.

The Australian also reported: “The CFMEU has today sent out a document for Queensland Labor MPs and candidates to pledge their support for the coal mining industry.” (“CFMEU demands candidate sign pledge supporting coal industry”.)

This article went on to say the union would not support candidates who didn’t pledge their support.

Chris Rule,
Gilmore, ACT


Enough vexation!

It’s not difficult to see how well Aussies are doing: the change has been evident since the late 1960s. We have sunk, pure and simple, much of it due to stupid actions by incompetent governments. (How many know about what happened after Labor’s Gough Whitlam was elected as the prime minister in 1972? Our nation certainly changed back then. It was when “reform” became the operative word and the prevailing philosophy.)

So, where are we now? The recent Queensland Adani coalmine issue in the Galilee Basin (inland from Mackay) punctuated what’s going on. A Green/left Labor Government in Queensland that had a debt of $82 billion for about 10 years, has recently seen the debt rise to about $85 billion.

The Indian company wanting to start up the mine has been obstructed for years by a leftist/green-run State Government, which even alleged a last-minute avarian problem: that the habitat of the black-throated finch would be threatened by the mine. (The Australian, June 14, 2019)

(Recall the road by-pass at Coolangatta, held up for 25 years by the Greens because of the Wollum frog! A tunnel was finally put through costing $400 million. (The depth of sand required expensive, deep anchoring foundations.)

So, what is this nation doing with the great number of immigrants arriving, which is resulting in more people chasing jobs.

The politicians look at ways to “create jobs”. That is a misnomer. While it is true that governments can create jobs with a bloated public service, governments do not create jobs in the business sector.

Only a healthy economic climate can permit, say, the manufacturing sector to “create” jobs. But the climate has got to be right for people to invest money in the manufacturing sector or the mining sector, or any other business sector.

Consider the obstruction of the deve-lopment of the Adani coalmine.

That enterprise, obstructed by the Green/left politicians in the Queensland Government, became an election albatross during the recent May 18 federal election. The wide disenchantment of voters led to Labor suffering a surprising defeat.

The average Mum and Dad voters were sick of everything that was going on, particularly the obstruction of a job-creating foreign investor setting up a mining project west of Mackay. The disgust was expressed at the voting booths on May 18. Labor and the Greens were shocked to their boot heels.

I have wondered whether it wouldn’t be possible for Queensland to have a publicly owned coalmine with Mum and Dad investors?

Then again, has the present Labor/Green Queensland Government got the wherewithal to carry out such an enterprise? I very much doubt it.

Warren James,
Tweed Heads, NSW

IPCC climate anticlimax

For some time now, the world has followed the lead of the IPCC and its predictions for future climate. According to these predictions, the world is facing a much warmer climate largely due to man’s carbon emissions.

Nations around the globe have followed the IPCC and spent over $1 trillion so far to reduce their carbon footprint but all to no avail, as carbon-dioxide levels have continued to rise.

The interesting thing to note is that over the past 20 years, despite the increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, temperatures have gone sideways.

The IPCC claims its global-warming theory is correct. However, according to the scientific method, no one can prove a theory is true, but it’s possible to prove a theory is false. With record cold winters in various countries, the IPCC’s predictions look somewhat dubious.

There are many flaws in the IPCC’s Bern model which to date have not been called out and they need to be before the world continues to spend tens of billions on a non-existent “problem”.

To give one example, the IPCC argues that the total inflow of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere is less than 5 per cent human carbon dioxide and more than 95 per cent natural carbon dioxide.

To support its theory, the IPCC claims the 5 per cent human carbon dioxide in the atmosphere miraculously becomes 100 per cent. The IPCC model artificially restricts the outflow of human carbon dioxide while it lets natural carbon dioxide flow freely out of the atmosphere. This artificially jacks up the percentage of human carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

But it is impossible for nature to treat human carbon dioxide and natural carbon dioxide differently because their molecules are identical.

It’s time a royal commission was set up to test the veracity of global warming. Australia is not facing a climate emergency but a looming power emergency.

Alan Barron,
Geelong Climate Sense Coalition,
Grovedale, Vic.

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