March 23rd 2019

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CINEMA Stan & Ollie: Past joys, past sorrows

BOOK REVIEW The three-part attack on the home

BOOK REVIEW What draining the DC swamp turns up



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What draining the DC swamp turns up

News Weekly, March 23, 2019

THE RUSSIA HOAX: The Illicit Scheme to Clear Hillary Clinton and Frame Donald Trump

by Gregg Jarrett

Broadside (HarperCollins, New York
Hardcover: 352 pages
Price: AUD$52.99

Reviewed by Hal G.P. Colebatch

This book is an indispensible guide through the toxic swamp that much of the political establishment of Washington, DC, has become.

One reads it both with horror at what much of the U.S. political class has become and with increasingly awe-struck admiration at what President Donald Trump has achieved in draining that swamp to date; a truly Herculean achievement. Whether the rot started with the Clinton Presidency or with Obama hardly matters.

It dissects with meticulous, and apparently unanswerable detail, the frantic efforts of much of the political class to clear Hillary Clinton of a string of alleged offences when she was Secretary of State and a presidential candidate, and the related attempts to frame Trump for alleged collusion with the Russians.

Even those who observed the dirty and ruthless attempts to destroy Judge Brett Kavanagh and his family without concern for decency, dignity or even the interests of the United States, but simply because he was Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court, may be shocked by the facts the author has marshalled here.

Perhaps not since the Jeremy Thorpe trial in England has the political class so blatantly violated ethics, convention and even black-letter law to shield one of its own from the consequences of serious criminality. In fact it was far worse: the Thorpe case dealt with a mere conspiracy to murder by a wretched inadequate; the Clinton case may have involved compromising the whole security of the U.S. by an individual who stood a good chance of becoming president.

Worse yet, the conspirators, as Jarrett proves, included past and sitting Presidents of the U.S., the director and deputy director of the FBI, a senior, Trump-hating FBI lawyer, Lisa Page, and her lover, Peter Strzok, another Trump-hater and chief of the FBI’s counter-intelligence section.

This is only the beginning of the list. No wonder Trump has sacked a succession of senior staff as he grapples with such massive, institutionalised and criminal disloyalty and betrayal – disloyalty to both the man and the office.

As well as being a long-time investigative journalist for Fox News, Gregg Jarrett is a former trial lawyer and he presents his case with a succession of overwhelming, hammer-blows, each referenced:

Why did the FBI not prosecute Hillary Clinton when her guilt in mishandling thousands of emails and destroying evidence was beyond doubt?

Why did the investigator write a judgement of acquittal before he had seen the evidence?

He quotes former U.S. Attorney for the District of Columia Joe diGenova on former FBI director James Comey’s explanation of why Clinton would not be prosecuted: “What Comey and Lynch did was to corrupt the statute to save Clinton.

“Everything that Comey said at the news conference was false. Clinton had clearly violated the Espionage Act. There just isn’t any doubt about that.

“For him to say that no reasonable prosecutor would bring the case was ludi­crous because reasonable prosecutors have been bringing cases over far less than that for years. Comey knew that. He became an embarrassment that day because everything he said was false. And he did it for one reason: to help Clinton become president.”

Comey was the most senior figure in the FBI involved but, as followers of Fox News will be aware, by no means the only one. Comey, backed into a corner during cross-examination over Clinton’s destruction of classified government emails, actually said that he did not know whether FBI officials had a duty to report a crime they knew had been committed!

Even more disturbing than the ploy by officialdom to whitewash Hillary Clinton was the conspiracy to frame Trump over alleged collusion with Russia – something that years of investigation have failed to uncover any facts to support.

The accusations were pursued without regard for consideration of means, motive or opportunity. Even setting aside the question of how the Russians could have helped Trump gain the presidency, the question remains: why should they? He has pushed for strengthening Poland, NATO and the Baltic states for a start, and has been unswerving in his support for Israel. Russia would obviously prefer Hillary Clinton as an adversary to deal with.

Among Comey’s toxic tricks was a refusal, despite Trump imploring him, to tell the media the truth that Trump was not under criminal investigation: “Comey, who probably thought he had the upper hand, refused to lift the black veil of suspicion.” When Trump fired him, he was firing a subordinate who had proved himself worse than disloyal.

The meeting in Trump Tower between Trump’s son and a Russian lawyer, concerning which the anti-Trump media frantically searched for evidence of collusion, was in fact to discuss a defunct program to adopt Russian orphans.

This book leaves a nasty taste in the mouth, but nevertheless should be read by anyone wishing to navigate through the swamp.

Jeremy Thorpe, of course, was punished in a way, although an outrageously partisan judge managed to keep him out of prison.

But, having saved his neck, the British political class washed its hands of him and left him to ridicule and ruin.

We do not know how this latest affair will end but, in Trump, America may have found the man it needs.

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