August 25th 2018

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COVER STORY Current policies leave farmers high and dry in drought

CANBERRA OBSERVED Captain and Lieutenant's $444 million munificence

MEDICAL ETHICS Changes to AHPRA's code of conduct would gag doctors

FOREIGN AFFAIRS Trump delivers for U.S. economy and workers

CHILDREN AND SOCIETY Treating depressed children: How will history judge us?

PRIVACY Big Brother is marketing you

THE FAMILY Humanae Vitae: a prophetic document at 50

SOCIETY AND MORES Novel features of child sexual abuse in our time

EUTHANASIA International expert emphasises palliative care

BIOGRAPHY The trouble with Harry (Freame) is that we've forgotten him

OPINION Just asking ... sauce for the goose ...?

HISTORY Christianity has died. Agreed, and yet ...

MILITARY HISTORY The volunteering spirit proves best in the test


MUSIC Chilly exposure: The sound and the fury

CINEMA Mission Impossible: Fallout: Ethan Hunt, knight errant

BOOK REVIEW A good diagnosis enables the cure

BOOK REVIEW End of the American empire?



OPINION The Victorian ALP observed from up close

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News Weekly, August 25, 2018

Six Lies on Audiotape

by Sweet Claxon Septet

Gravel Rash Record Distributors CD1234
Price: $80 (digital version: fingers: $150; toes: $220)

Reviewed by Sebastian Gunlighter (while the search for Tobias Eisteddfod continues)

Although this disc is not really jazz, and would be expensive at half the price, it merits a review in so far as Sweet, with astonishing prophetic foresight, has informed me that, having seen my horoscope, I would otherwise be outfitted for cement shoes in preparation for an attempted swim across Bass Strait.

Sweet and the boys take a break
between sets at the Arthur Gargle
Commemorative Hall in Galveston.

How he knows these things, blowed if I can tell; but, I’m blowed if I’m taking any chances after the demonstration he gave me just minutes ago. He came into my office and said: “Fings get broke.” And, sure enough, some big fool who happened to follow him in went and broke my right pinkie. “I fought you said ‘fings’,” I cried in dismay. “Fings, fingers. Bofe is plural. Break another, Hatchet.” “Do you know this gentleman?” I asked.

Anyhow, things continued thus for a while. And now I’m delighted to recommend this CD to the listening public. Buy it, take it home; listen to it if you must. But, for God’s sake, buy it!

(Lucky I write with my left hand.)

Frederick Bandersnatch threw himself into a vat of steaming stewed socks rather than comment on this recording.

Thousands of earplugs and great life insurance

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