August 11th 2018

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EDITORIAL By-elections reflect disenchantment with major parties

CANBERRA OBSERVED Longman result may force PM to rethink policies

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CULTURE AND SOCIETY The shadow of that hyddeous strength

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News Weekly, August 11, 2018

Further Pro Life Clarification

 Richard Grant’s letter to the editor (July 28 2018), responding to my earlier letter, “Pro-life clarification”, deserves a response.

Richard states that I “think that pro-lifers argue amongst themselves about the term ‘pro-life’.”

I simply said that we pro-lifers (including myself) may have sabotaged the term pro-life and made it apply to abortion only.  That is an observation of someone who has worked as a post-abortion grief counsellor for 22 years, and has strongly supported the pro-life cause. Richard should google the word “pro-life” and see what it turns up.

I suggested that like the Holy Father, Pope Francis, we pro-lifers must also look to other life issues and ensure that we give them weight also. I went on to list a number of anti-life activities that our society has embraced as normal and concluded, “We have an anti-life society that seems to be intent on attacking and destroying the domain of the Creator while we argue amongst ourselves about words.”

Is it not  a pro-life matter when speaking and knowing about human trafficking of children or children raped for the pleasure of perverted adults? These are also life issues, without diminishing the abortion issue.

Richard confirms “that to be truly pro-life, a person needs to be concerned about all human rights issues, whether there are perpetrated on the unborn or other categories of human being.”  Well, what did I say?

My concern is that most pro-lifers understand this term to refer only to abortion in all its stages.

Richard says his letter “focused solely on responding to some of the issues Anne raised and did not contain any reference whatsoever to the Helpers or include any comment about the level or nature of Anne’s involvement with this group or her other pro-life activities.”

It may be useful to explain what these obscure comments mean.

I have been a constant supporter of pro-life causes, including the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants with whom Richard is involved.

I obtained professional qualifications to become an accredited grief counsellor, specialising in post abortion counselling when no one was doing it professionally.

I worked with Richard to establish a memorial garden in South Melbourne, to remember the lives of all babies lost before birth.

I have spoken at over 30 international conferences on post abortion grief and its effects, to medical practitioners, nursing associations, and at counselling association conferences.

Over the years, I have counselled over 2,000 women and some males, with some women needing help for up to four years – and I have never written an invoice.

More recently, I have spoken out on the link between multiple abortions and earlier sexual abuse. I have written a chapter in someone else’s book on grief, writing on post abortion grief. I have been a member of panel on a documentary on sexual abuse of children.

I have written two books, Redeeming Grief on post-abortion grief, and Hidden Pain on the sexual abuse crisis. I have also written a manual for counsellors on post-abortion grief.

I have saved 23 babies from  abortion, all based on personal recommendations. Of these 23 children now running around, two are my God-children. I am in contact with nearly all of them. If more had been referred to me, I’m sure I could have saved more.

My concern is that pro-lifers should support all issues affecting human life, not just abortion.

Anne Lastman,

Vermont South, Vic.

ABBA fans aplenty

Rarely indeed have I had the misfortune to peruse such a mean-mouthed conglomeration of condescending tripe as the sneering diatribe from David James about ABBA in your latest edition.

Mr James obviously has a very narrow mind and is totally out of touch with the many millions, both here and around the world, who still love their melodies and lyrics - as exemplified by the ABBA festival regularly held at Trundle in NSW.

ABBA topped the charts worldwide from 1974-1982.

I have two grand-daughters, aged 15 and 12, who’ve never seen ABBA but love their music.  You must be desperate for material to feel that this level of drivel is worth publishing.

Michael Arnold,

Sydney, NSW



Odds-on confusion

Whoever wrote this: “Sportsbet currently has Labor at $1.55 and the Coalition at $2.05. In other words, Labor remains favourite but by no means odds-on favourite to win,” should stick to what he/she knows about.

$1.55 is a price, not odds and equates to odds of 0.55 to 1 or 11 to 20 (or 20 to 11 on, if that terminology is preferred) – bet $20 and win $11; bet $1 and win 55c. That is, by every means, odds-on favourite to win.

L.B. Loveday,

Gawler, SA

Steam nostalgia could enhance energy security

I would like to congratulate Jeffry Babb for his excellent and well-informed series of articles on foreign affairs – we badly need more commentary of this calibre in the mainstream media – and also Tony O’Brien for raising the question of a possible revival of steam locomotives, providing the new technology makes them economically feasible.

America and Britain have a large but now largely forgotten body of literature on the life and poetry of the old steam railways. It would be pleasant to see some of this revived, and to see those quaint and majestic engines return to the rails, quite apart from the fact that a stock of steam locos would enhance Australia’s energy security.

I remember passing through one terminus by electric train and passing a relic steam loco on a sort of plinth. Wildly excited children crowded to the windows, shouting: “There’s a real train!”

I too would like to see real trains again, to hear their almost-alive puffing, to watch their mighty driving-wheels and pistons, and to smell the unforgettable smell of coal smoke.

Hal Colebatch,

Nedlands, WA

Set the example

When I was at secondary college we were told: “You don’t follow the example, you set it”.

This, I think is a good motto for all, especially for politicians.

Fr Leo Harney

Middle Park.

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