July 28th 2018

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COVER STORY The Strange Case of the Vanishing Safe Schools Resources

EDITORIAL By-elections will test Shorten's 'politics of envy' strategy

ASIA-PACIFIC AFFAIRS A modest proposal for Australia's regional security

CANBERRA OBSERVED Odds are that Labor won't Albo Bill aside

TECHNOLOGY Wonder carbon material on cusp of commercialisation

ENVIRONMENT Electric vehicles still only for elitist planet savers

ENERGY SECURITY Steam rail backup could get us out of hot water

ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENT NEG papers over crisis behind energy price hikes

FOREIGN AFFAIRS Beijing goes 'boo', Qantas gets in a flap

EUTHANASIA Death with dignity, or putting Death to death?


MUSIC Aural wallpaper: The background hiss to our lives

CINEMA Ant-Man and the Wasp: Downsized superheroes

BOOK REVIEW Timely essays on religious freedom

BOOK REVIEW Fraudulent father of psychoanalysis



No question about it: the Don is in charge

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News Weekly, July 28, 2018


by Onomatopoeia

Crackly Discs CD001A
Price: $12.50 (digital download $8.27)

Reviewed by Tobias Eisteddfod
(Sebastian Gunlighter is ill until further notice)

If you never hear this recording, you’ll never know what it sounds like.

Having said that, it remains merely to say that, if you do hear it, you’ll be none the wiser. On this CD, Crackly Discs, living up to their name, have applied their idiosyncratic approach to mixing to such perfection that scarcely any music raises itself above the persistent hissing and crackling. If it weren’t for the cover and the press release material, it would not be possible to say who is playing what or when.

According to the press release, Onomatopoeia is made up of Timothy Ng on garbage bag, Yvette Fontainbleurque on vocals and dope, Ladislaw Mistoczec on nose contents, Freddy Poop on bass chicken and Theodore O’Hanrahan on broken glass.

Most of the tracks are originals, although two are covers: of Hitler’s invasion of Poland in 1939; and of George W. Bush clearing his throat during morning ablutions.

On hearing this recording, Amelia Erhart put up her umbrella, held out her hand and was never seen again.

No earplugs and an apology.


All you need to know about
the wider impact of transgenderism on society.
TRANSGENDER: one shade of grey, 353pp, $39.99

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