June 30th 2018

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COVER STORY NSW electricity grid now at 'crisis point'

EDITORIAL China's pivotal role in Trump-Kim summit

CANBERRA OBSERVED Throwing our 8ยข in the ring over sale of ABC

OPINION Why populism has become popular among the populace

MEDIA Ramsay Centre gets all that' left from ABC's Drum

ENERGY Solar panels leave hidden carbon footprint

NATIONAL AFFAIRS Adelaide Archbishop Philip Wilson conviction conundrum

ENERGY Don't let our waste go to waste: energise it

OPINION We've moved from low standards to no standards

LITERATURE AND CULTURE Christian humour through the ages: Dante, Chaucer and Cervantes

ECONOMICS Trump, China, the WTO and world trade

WHY BREXIT? A tight little island


MUSIC Contrary emotions: Following and leading the beat

CINEMA Incredibles 2: Just the average family of superheroes

BOOK REVIEW The main driver of our foreign policy

BOOK REVIEW Commitment at risk of obliteration



EDITORIAL By-elections a trial run for next federal election

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News Weekly, June 30, 2018

Arthur on the Street

Rex quondam, rexque futurus

(Legend has it that King Arthur will return one day.
Expect the unexpected!)

Two-pot Vee of heavy grunt
Vestigial mudguards, back and front
Extended fork, obtusely strung
Saddle (king and queen) low slung
And so arranged to make a seat
Where buttocks barely skim the street.

The lumpy engine blats away
‘Fire at will’ the pistons say
Bearded rider, studded coat
Leather-cased from foot to throat
And arms, like circus monkey are
Hanging, ape-like, from the bar.

This is how the King will come
Not (as presumed) from Avalon
And now he shatters down the street
Where four Pale Riders come to meet
And then retire to a Knight’s abode
Two-bedroom fibro, Commercial Road.

And when, perforce, the end is nigh
Arthur will untune the sky
Not with trumpet, but obscene roar
Then, blessed silence evermore.




(The Paper Vendor)


Concrete island, five pm
Fletcher J’s with tattered hem
Stooped the form and vacant eyes
Four-day beard, coat outsize

Bricks hold down the daily gloom
Headlines stir in sidewalk fume
Earthquake, bushfire, famine, flood
Sterilised and washed of blood

Musak piped in printed form
Measured, tailored for the norm
Fact-engorged with photo proof
Protects against the harder truth

Vendor of the average view
Fashions routine from the new
He is, paradoxically
Quite outside this symmetry
                      Final pay-per
                      Final pay-per

Brian Coman

The perfect gift for
the thinker in the family.
The Best of News Weekly: 2014-2016, 320pp, $35

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