May 5th 2018

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COVER STORY HECS: hastening our demographic winter

EDITORIAL Liddell is the 'fly in the ointment' of the NEG

AFRICAN AFFAIRS African Continental Free Trade Area ... in the spirit of GATT

CANBERRA OBSERVED Bernardi foray looks to be fading out of view

ENVIRONMENT Is a prolonged freeze on the way for the earth?

MEDICINE NaProTechnology: an ethical alternative in reproductive health

MEDICAL ETHICS Grounds for objection: a declaration on freedom of conscience

OPINION What a republic would really mean for Australia

LAW AND FREEDOM 'Rule of law' does not support exemptions: a reply to Robin Speed

INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS Saudi Crown Prince challenges Wahhabists

HIGHER EDUCATION Undoing the dis-education of Millennials

GENDER POLITICS Why are patients being denied freedom of choice?

ASIAN HISTORY Jinmen: the forgotten crisis that brought the world to the brink


MUSIC Grammy salute to Elton John: Revealing revisit to the 1970s

CINEMA The Isle of Dogs: Man's best friend in exile

BOOK REVIEW Australia, we need to talk about China

BOOK REVIEW Novelised life a vivid drama of survival



NATIONAL AFFAIRS Committal hearing dismisses main charges against Cardinal Pell

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News Weekly, May 5, 2018

Mary Magdalene

I read Anne Lastman’s letter on “The historical Mary”, (News Weekly, April 7, 2018) with great interest.

When we consider the Easter story, we are looking across two thousand years at the most stupendous event in history. It is a unique event. The Second Person of the Holy and Blessed Trinity took human form, died for our sins, and took His life again to give us the hope of eternal life with Him.

Hebrews 4:15-16 tells us: “We have not a high priest who is unable to sympathise with our weaknesses, but one who in every respect has been tempted as we are, yet without sinning.”

Because Jesus was without sin He was able to be the Pascal Lamb without blemish, sacrificed for sins. Any speculation on the circumstances and situations surrounding this unique event must be grounded on these facts.

Mrs Rowan Shann,
Warwick, Qld.


Understanding Russia

Peter Westmore is to be commended for his balanced and persuasive editorial (News Weekly, April 7, 2018) on the reasons why Russians overwhelmingly re-elected Vladimir Putin as their nation’s leader.

Under its current government, Russia is a self-respecting, unified and powerful nation that, in defence of long-term ally Syria and the Syrian Christians who support their government, acts consistently with the encouragement it gives to its Russian Orthodox Church at home.

Domestic policies support the institution of the family and militate against abortion, in contrast with the massive hyping of LGBTQI agendas in the United States, and Congressional funding of abortion-provider Planned Parenthood at taxpayer expense (making all Americans complicit).

On the one hand we have a Christian nation, with a measure of justified paranoia, defending and re-immersing itself in its traditions (I admit that killing its traitors is one); on the other hand an absurdly decadent, self-impoverished nation with a $7 trillion deficit in failed wars alone, deep down a cracked-up expressway to Sodom. For those of us who love the best in America, it’s not funny.

The heartening fact about the United States is that its current administration is doing its best to change course, and will likely be there for seven more years.

Another encouraging development of historical proportions is that the larger Eastern European nations, particularly Hungary and Poland, are rediscovering their authentic selves. Italy and France are beginning to do the same. There are many grounds for optimism.

Philip Ayres,
Camperdown, Vic.


Golly, it wobbles

Some time in the late 1980s, a tiny piece appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald (little more than an inch in one column) reporting that the Earth had just done a wobble on its axis, and that as a result Australia’s southern states would become hotter and dryer and the north cooler and wetter.

What the effect in the northern hemisphere would be it did not say.

I was bemused that such extraordinarily little attention should be given to what seemed to me a momentous event for our planet.

Only later, reading Tim Flannery’s book on climate, did I learn that this is a regular phenomenon, occurring about every 70 years, and named after the scientist who identified it in the 1920s.

As the book discussed the by then hot topic of global warming, I was surprised that the author made no assessment of what role this could be given in the debate, particularly as that was a direction climate change was claimed to be taking at that point.

It continues to surprise that this event is not factored in when claims are made for man-induced climate change, which, in any case, increasingly appears not to be globally unidirectional and may, as that SMH report indicated, be dependent on latitude.

Lucy Sullivan,
Richmond, NSW


Poor friendless drudges

While I’m not a socialist or a communist, I’m a monetary reformer who supports stopping the rising cost of living which feeds into inflation. John Curtin supported Monetary Reform.

And ALP leaders of today support unionist capitalism. They believe unions must make a profit out of drudges whose wages don’t go up with the cost of living.

Bill Shorten is a unionist capitalist. He supports the idea that unions merge with big business at the expense of the drudges.

Then there’s the Coalition, which will go further in violating workers’ rights. The Coalition makes it easier for drudges to go from permanent to casual; then go from labour hire to unemployment.

Michael Henderson,
The Gap, Qld.

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