May 5th 2018

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Articles from this issue:

COVER STORY HECS: hastening our demographic winter

EDITORIAL Liddell is the 'fly in the ointment' of the NEG

AFRICAN AFFAIRS African Continental Free Trade Area ... in the spirit of GATT

CANBERRA OBSERVED Bernardi foray looks to be fading out of view

ENVIRONMENT Is a prolonged freeze on the way for the earth?

MEDICINE NaProTechnology: an ethical alternative in reproductive health

MEDICAL ETHICS Grounds for objection: a declaration on freedom of conscience

OPINION What a republic would really mean for Australia

LAW AND FREEDOM 'Rule of law' does not support exemptions: a reply to Robin Speed

INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS Saudi Crown Prince challenges Wahhabists

HIGHER EDUCATION Undoing the dis-education of Millennials

GENDER POLITICS Why are patients being denied freedom of choice?

ASIAN HISTORY Jinmen: the forgotten crisis that brought the world to the brink


MUSIC Grammy salute to Elton John: Revealing revisit to the 1970s

CINEMA The Isle of Dogs: Man's best friend in exile

BOOK REVIEW Australia, we need to talk about China

BOOK REVIEW Novelised life a vivid drama of survival



NATIONAL AFFAIRS Committal hearing dismisses main charges against Cardinal Pell

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News Weekly, May 5, 2018

At a Gallery



Blue, lacing through
Dark trees –
Girls race from school
Into the sun.




She deploys space,
He measures time;
Love’s configured in her face,
And in their rhyme.



Leaving Lloyd Rees

(to Arda)

All forms were lost in colour then in light;
But forms persist, rocks in a drifting sea.
These tides of light show beautiful and swift –
Wreck you on stubborn forms most easily.



At Antichrist ...

“… the rebel will shew himself; and the Lord Jesus
will destroy him with the breath of his mouth …”
II Thessalonians 2:8

It must all proceed down:
  When stone will be un-stoned
  Under His-Holy-Frown

On that man we’ll have enthroned
  By our patient wickedness.
  Usurping what was loaned –

Finger by finger’s guess –
  We’ll raise, we’ll crown, unmoved
  By Who-Can-Never-Bless-

This-Stealth. (Then we’ll see proved,
  His-Won’t can raze our will,
  Can harrow all we’ve smoothed:

Our king provoke His-Kill.)

Andrew Huntley

The perfect gift for
the thinker in the family.
The Best of News Weekly: 2014-2016, 320pp, $35

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