February 24th 2018

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Greens: wouldn't know a cowardly act if they did one

by NW Contributor

News Weekly, February 24, 2018

Freshly minted New South Wales Liberal Senator Jim Molan could not have asked for a more rapid propulsion into the public consciousness courtesy of a Greens attack on him that has misfired spectacularly.

NSW Liberal Senator Jim Molan

In his first weeks as a senator, the decorated former major general was accused of variously being a racist, a coward and a war criminal by the Greens, during an extraordinary over-the-top attack that was led by the sole Greens MP in the House of Representatives, Adam Bandt, and party leader Richard Di Natale.

Under threat of legal action from Molan and general acknowledgement in the media that the Greens had overreached on their attacks, Bandt was forced into an apology – in fact, two apologies after the first mealy-mouthed one did not cut it.

Molan was attacked by the Greens over two videos he “shared” a year ago on his Facebook page as a private citizen. The videos had first been posted by Britain First, a hard right-wing nationalist political activist group, whose leader has been convicted on harassment and assault charges. The group is a spin-off from the British National Party, which has a history of both anti-Muslim and anti-Jewish violent activities.

The videos showed incidents of violence perpetrated by immigrant Muslim youths, in one case two teenagers punching and kicking a girl in Holland and another of a mob attacking police in Paris.

Molan showed poor judgement in sharing the videos, particularly as the activities of Britain First are hardly a solution to ISIS and al-Qaeda inspirited extremists, but admitted it was a mistake. He said that he would not have done so had he known more about the Britain First group at the time he did.

U.S. President Donald Trump had also re-tweeted the Britain First videos last year but later said he did not know at the time any details about Britain First.

However, the Greens, backed by various leftwing commentators, claimed that Molan’s sharing of the video was helping to aid and abet a “known extremist group”.

The Molan affair demonstrates the topsy-turvy nature of today’s political debate.

Molan, aged 67, has come to politics in the twilight of his working life, after having had a distinguished military career to which it is impossible to do justice to in a short biography, but included being chief of operations of all allied forces in Iraq.

The Australian newspaper’s foreign editor Greg Sheridan pointed out that there was actually ample justification for being interested in the subject matter.

“In one, Molan was particularly, almost technically, interested in the restraint French police showed under attack. Like almost everyone else, he had never heard of the British First group, nor known anything of its politics, until Donald Trump got into trouble for re-posting their material.”

The Greens pounced on Molan’s Facebookshare and accused him of all manner of things, including the claim that his actions in Iraq were tantamount to war crimes.

Molan’s response was: “I’ve put my life on the line for Islamic countries … for people to say this is racist I find deeply offensive.”

Sheridan’s defence of Molan revealed some of the former soldier’s acts of bravery and extraordinary leadership in active service.

“One, the Greens are truly a destructive, vicious political force, always happy to attribute great moral courage to themselves while foully and often baselessly attacking the motives and character of anyone who disagrees with them. They seem to have an unhealthy hang-up about the military,” Sheridan wrote.

“Second, what idiots the Liberals were not to preselect Molan earlier, favouring anonymous identikit candidates instead. Molan is in the Senate by fluke.

“If the Liberals are to revive as a party, they need big personalities who represent real constituencies and bring varied life experience to the Parliament. Just having Molan there has enraged the Greens and polarised voters in favour of the Government.

“And third, while this controversy has run OK so far for Molan, the Howard government never appointed a soldier of his seniority to Iraq again, despite U.S. requests.

“I suspect this is because even the Howard government was scared of having to take political responsibility for genuinely big battlefield decisions. We claim to want influence, but are often scared of it.

“If only we had a few more ‘cowards’ like Jim Molan.”

Molan has held onto his reputation, while the Greens have once again been exposed for shallow, undergraduate and, in this case, grubby politics.

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