October 21st 2017

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COVER STORY Reality of family unit must underlie tax system

EDITORIAL Christianity today: the challenges ahead

CANBERRA OBSERVED Xenophon: a Mr Fixit or a political yo-yo?

DRUGS POLICY Science elbowed aside in rush for latest silver bullet: 'medical marijuana'

TRANSGENDER MARRIAGE Decoys to revolutionary laws redefining sex and marriage

FOREIGN AFFAIRS What is the way out of the Catalan crisis?

NATIONAL AFFAIRS Our barmy Army: all politically correct

FAMILY AND SOCIETY The child as weapon in Family Court process

FAMILY AND SOCIETY Faiths and the global future

KOREA Hermit Kingdom versus the Land of Morning Calm

MUSIC Hi-tech lo-fi: Resistance is futile

CINEMA Blade Runner 2049: A cypher unlocking a mystery

BOOK REVIEW The rebels

BOOK REVIEW An attempt to break through the fog


HUMOUR More excerpts from the forthcoming revision of Forget's Dictionary of Inaccurate Facts, Furphys and Falsehoods


EUTHANASIA Victoria's death bill: questions that need answers

TRANSGENDER MARRIAGE: George Christensen calls Parliament's attention to activists' end-game

EUTHANASIA Victoria mistakes killing for compassion

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More excerpts from the forthcoming revision of Forget's Dictionary of Inaccurate Facts, Furphys and Falsehoods

News Weekly, October 21, 2017

Antimacassar: Any member of a now-defunct religious and political organisation in the South Pacific that opposed the wearing of raincoats in tropical climates. Many were imprisoned by the British and the Dutch at different times for standing out in the rain quite uncovered.

Bathysphere: Hermetically sealed vehicle in which a person, or persons, can travel in complete privacy while taking a bath.

Ronald Biggs: Great Train Robber, lousy marathon swimmer and amateur hokey-kokey dancer. Hobbies: running, robbing; clubs: The Shilaleh, Rio Gentlemen’s.

Marlon Brando: Actor and mumbler. Married to Mrs Brando (twice). Best remembered for his part in a film. Also Miles Franklin-prize winning dog walloper.

Catterwaul: A fence built of catalogues.

Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra: Spanish mime and numismatist. Died of exhaustion after miming the entire text of Don Quixote for a primary school concert. Several of the children also died ... of old age. Hobbies: fighting the Moors, imprisonment; clubs: the Escorial, the Alhambra.

Chanson d’amour: French, sea sickness.

Cobb & Co: Colonial bushranging school. Graduates include Steve Hart, Martin Cash, Ned and Dan Kelly, and Sir Robert Helpmann.

Christopher Columbus: Sailor and egregious homosexual. Discovered America and 68 other positions. First person to “go west, young man”. Hobbies: sailing, sailors; clubs: The Frivol, The Corner.

Captain James Cook: South-Seas tour operator. Best remembered for being made into a sandwich on the Shish-kebab Islands. Discovered Australia but lost it in a game of two-up.

Charles Darwin: Author, writer, author and writer. The invention of the breech-loading electric leaden swimming trunks is often, erroneously, attributed to him.

Darwinism: The theory that all living creatures are descended from Giordano Bruno and/or a primeval single-celled proto-organism.


What the reviewers are saying

“Really good. Reeeeally good.”

Frank Zappa, The Australian

“A load of shite.”

Bertie A’Hearn, The Dublin Gab

“A loadstone in duckshooting publishing.”

Carolyn Corbett, Cosmo

“A mulestone in dickshinrie publashin.”

Prehensile Tail, Dictionary Lovers’ Weekly

“Y a mí, ¿qué me importa?”

Fernanda González, El loco catalán

All you need to know about
the wider impact of transgenderism on society.
TRANSGENDER: one shade of grey, 353pp, $39.99

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