September 23rd 2017

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COVER STORY Labor's vision for a transgender world

EDITORIAL Liddell closure: acid test for Turnbull

EUTHANASIA We risk turning our doctors into death dealers

DOCUMENTARY Harvested Alive: killing Falung Gong in China

AGENDA FOR AUSTRALIA Distorted jobless stats defeat planning efforts

ENVIRONMENT Hurricane Harvey: don't let a good disaster go to waste

AFL GRAND FINAL Bob Santamaria predicted the sunset of Aussie Rules

HISTORY After 500 years, is sugar going sour?

IDEOLOGY OF TRANSGENDERISM Reshaping our identities and relationships

MUSIC The Sequence: it's elementary

CINEMA The Hitman's Bodyguard: 'Eighties' action with popcorn

BOOK REVIEW One of globalisation's dwindling band




SAME-SEX MARRIAGE For bullying, look left, look left, and then look left again

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News Weekly, September 23, 2017


by Marlon Cropper

Crikey Psychie Books, Pangaea
Price: GDP of Ghana

Reviewed by Cyril Gunlighter

Never before have astronomers been so well served in their fungal needs as by this extraordinary little book.

Within the modest span of 28 pages (including appendices and index), this volume manages to cover every aspect of mushrooms as they relate to stars, planets, quasars, comets, meteorites, black holes, red and white dwarfs, super novae, asteroids, haemorrhoids, moons, galaxies and interstellar debris.

To the layman, unversed in astronomy or mushrooms, this comprehensive work will open the doors to a realm of knowledge the existence of which he probably had not even the faintest clue.

Among the appendices is a selection of recipes especially for those dedicated SETIs (searchers for extraterrestrial Intelligences) who sit out on cold nights in slippers and trackies in the expectation of spotting ET.

The present work makes Clay Pigeon’s earlier work, Fungi for Astronomers, till now an indispensible presence on the shelves of every true astronomer, all but obsolete.

Cyril Gunlighter is a practising attorney-at-lunch and may be contacted any time after 3pm, most days. He is no relation to Sebastian Gunlighter.

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