July 29th 2017

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Behind Donald Trump's endorsement of Poland

by Peter Westmore

News Weekly, July 29, 2017

Media outlets that reported disparagingly on Donald Trump’s presence at the recent G20 meeting in Hamburg, Germany, almost totally ignored his visit to Poland en route to Hamburg. (An edited version of Donald Trump's speech can be read here)

This is surprising, because the American President had to fly over Germany to get to Poland, and then had to reverse direction to get to the G20 meeting.

The visit to Poland was therefore a high priority for the American President – although obviously not for the media. As it turned out, the Hamburg meeting attracted more attention for the rioters who descended on the city than for the resolutions adopted by the G20 leaders.

President Trump would have been well aware that he faced hostility from many of the leaders at the G20, principally over his withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement, but also because of his withdrawal of U.S. funding for International Planned Parenthood, his criticism of state funding for “renewable energy” – a sacred cow in Europe – his support for the development of U.S. fossil-fuel resources, criticism of the European Union, and support for Brexit.

It is no secret that almost all G20 leaders wanted Hillary Clinton elected President of the United States, were dismayed by the election outcome, and hoped that Trump would not follow through on his election promises.

It was therefore no surprise that Trump was largely ignored and made to feel isolated at the G20 meeting, which attempted to strong-arm him into backing the Paris Climate Agreement. When he wouldn’t be, he was ignored.


In visiting Poland prior to the G20 meeting, Trump was clearly indicating his preference for interacting with the Polish Government and people, who emerged from the long period of Soviet occupation as beacons of freedom and morality in the Western world.

In his ringing endorsement of the spirit of the Polish people, whose country has been frequently attacked and occupied by powerful neighbours, the American President was not merely referring to Poland’s past, but also endorsing the Polish Government’s willingness to stand up for itself today.

It is no secret that despite or perhaps because of its intense desire to be seen as a European nation with strong Christian foundations, it has been relentlessly attacked from outside.

Its refusal to go along with the secular libertarianism of the EU has been ferociously attacked by the EU and the Western media, on issues such as “same-sex marriage” and the gender ideology favoured by the EU.

The Polish Government has criticised Angela Merkel’s open-door policy towards immigrants from the Middle East, pointing out that Merkel had no right to impose her policy on the rest of Europe.

It has expressed scepticism about the role of carbon dioxide in climate change, and is increasing its use of coal for power generation, a policy opposed by the EU.

The ruling Law and Justice Party has also been censured by the EU for appointing a new head to Poland’s Constitutional Court, after the term of his predecessor had expired, contrary to the EU’s wishes.

Officials of the Justice Ministry have also sought to question the former President of Poland, Donald Tusk, over alleged corruption. Tusk is now President of the European Union.

The Polish Government has also excited the hostility of the EU by banning the over-the-counter sale of the “morning after” pill, and restricting access to abortion.

Concerns over Poland’s very low birth rate have prompted the Government to introduce a strongly pro-family social program, including the payment of 500 zloty ($175) per month for second and subsequent children up to the age of 18.

The Family 500+ program is the centrepiece of the Government’s pro-family policy, and is being partly funded by increasing the retirement age. It is wildly popular with voters, while being opposed by the major opposition parties.

The effects of the Government’s policies in encouraging the development of Polish industry and expanding family payments has been to kick-start the economy, which the World Bank recently predicted will grow by 3.3 per cent in 2017, up from 2.8 per cent in 2016, and has now one of the highest growth rates in Europe.

Since the U.S. presidential election campaign, Donald Trump has arguably been excessively optimistic about the prospects of reaching an accommodation with Moscow in relation to Eastern Europe, North Korea and Russian involvement in cyber-espionage and electronic warfare.

By visiting Poland and enthusiastically endorsing the Polish Government and people, President Trump has also explicitly endorsed Poland’s strong role in NATO, and his opposition to Russian expansionism in Eastern Europe, a deep concern of Poles, as well as of the peoples of Ukraine and the Baltic states.

Trump’s speech in Warsaw clarified an ambiguity in his policy towards Vladimir Putin, and his straight talking has not damaged relations with Moscow. In fact, almost simultaneously, Washington announced that it had reached an agreement with Moscow for a limited ceasefire in southwest Syria.

It is to be hoped that this will be the start of a process of ending the war in that country.

Go here for an edited version of Donald Trump’s speech in Warsaw.

Peter Westmore is national president of the National Civic Council.

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