September 24th 2016

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CANBERRA OBSERVED Plebiscite debate will be civil despite "Shrill" Bill

ENVIRONMENT More pseudo science from climate

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U.S. POLITICS Trumping the elites like shooting fish in a barrel

SOCIAL POLICY Guidelines turn shows of displeasure into "violence"

FOREIGN AFFAIRS Hong Kong voters reject heavy-handed Beijing

EUTHANASIA Senators, take your marks for the race to the bottom

PHILOSOPHY Life: a miracle by any reasonable calculation

MILITARY HISTORY The capture of the old German lines at Pozieres

INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS South China Sea powder keg may blow anytime

MUSIC Messiaen reaches to where the shadow falls

CINEMA Atonement for blood debts: Blood Father

BOOK REVIEW Freedom as a weapon to destroy freedom

BOOK REVIEW There and back again


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Freedom as a weapon to destroy freedom

News Weekly, September 24, 2016



by Gabriele Kuby

Life Site, Kettering, Ohio
Paperback: 283 pages
Price: AUD$51.75


Reviewed by John Young


A new dictatorship is rapidly spreading, particularly in the Western world. If successful, it will destroy not only Christian civilisation but all civilisation. This book examines that threat.

It is essentially a sexual revolution, promoting as good what has been traditionally seen as evil. It denies that marriage should be seen as the union of one man and one woman for life, with the biological end of procreation. Instead, any number of deviant sexual activities are promoted.

This work is a penetrating analysis of the situation, including a study of the causes underlying the phenomenon. The original is in German, and written by Gabriele Kuby, a sociologist who worked for many years as a translator and interpreter. She has thoroughly researched the subject and presents it in a clear and balanced way.

“What was praised by Plato and Aristotle as truth, beauty and good has now fallen into disrepute. No big money can be made from truth, beauty, and good, but lies, ugliness, and malice will bring in plenty – billions through horror and pornography alone” (p13).

Kuby points out that it is hard to manipulate a person who is rooted in religion and family, so the moral bond to belief in God and the social bond to the family must be broken if people are to favour complete freedom and free sexual gratification.

Over the past few decades the aim to achieve this spurious freedom has been advancing, promoted by its academically educated followers as they move into key positions in politics, the media, jurisprudence, the universities, and the churches. They are very effective also at the United Nations and in the European Union.

We have now reached the point where so-called gender theory claims that the biology of an individual as either man or woman is irrelevant to his or her identity, to be replaced by his or her own self-definition. We see this theory implemented in the push for the so-called bathroom laws, with a person being free to use the bathrooms, change rooms and toilets of the sex with which the individual identifies.

So, in some places men are legally free to use women’s facilities, and legal action can be taken against authorities who would bar them from doing this.

A process of brainwashing is employed to promote the agenda, a key part of which is the perversion of the meaning of words. They can be emptied of meaning, or given a new meaning, or outlawed. So the word “chastity” is looked on with suspicion; “diversity” is given a new emphasis; terms are used to smear opponents: for example, “homophobia”.

The seriousness of the situation is shown by the fact that so many countries have not only endorsed unnatural practices, as in the legalisation of homosexual so-called marriage, but the public expression of certain views has become unlawful. To say, for example, that homosexual behaviour is a perversion may be illegal on the grounds that such a statement will offend some people. Whether the statement is true is simply not considered.

A keyword in the battle to change the value system is the word “discrimination”. It is understood very vaguely, as though there were no such thing as just discrimination. So the claim that homosexual behaviour is a perversion is classified as discrimination and outlawed without further discussion, while those advocating that politically incorrect position are subject to abuse and even to legal action.

Gabriele Kuby gives many instances in many countries of people being oppressed simply for standing up for traditional and common-sense points of view. In Germany, for example, a country where homeschooling is illegal, parents have been forced to send their children to sex education classes despite their disapproval of what is taught in such classes. Parents who refuse can be heavily fined, and there are cases where they have refused to pay the fine and have been imprisoned, and their children placed in state custody.

It is essential that we understand the nature and extent of this sexual revolution, and that we inform other people of the threat. This excellent book contains the facts and figures we need, all set out in a clear and balanced way.

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