April 9th 2016

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EDITORIAL Malcolm Turnbull's election strategy emerges

FAMILY AND SOCIETY SSCA sets mines to basic building blocks of society

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ART AND CULTURE Beauty and the beholder

OPINION Labor's princeling class licks dole plate clean

SEX ABUSE ROYAL COMMISSION Truth takes a back seat: scapegoating Cardinal Pell

POLITICAL HISTORY The Labor Split spillover

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BOOK REVIEW Retrieving meaning

BOOK REVIEW Midget submarine op

BOOK REVIEW A Jewish view of universal ethics


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News Weekly, April 9, 2016

Selective anti-violence


Australia needs a more balanced path for its social policies.

On the one hand, for instance, there is much emphasis on combating violence that adheres to a required political agenda. Yet, the violence associated with abortion and coercion of it are simply ignored.

On the other side, in some schools that participate in the Safe Schools Coalition, categories of bullying such as height, weight, race or religion get a mention, but little attention is paid to them. Gender attitude is well down the list as a cause for bullying, but it is rammed down the throat of students.

Robert Bom,
West Rockhampton, Qld.


Cardinal Pell


A number of years ago I served on a committee with Cardinal Pell and found him to be a humble man of high intelligence and integrity.

I was horrified to see the way he was treated by the royal commission.

Cardinal Pell has been vilified by the media but he is also the subject of salacious gossip at many social gatherings that I have attended lately.

These discussions are usually initiated by Catholics who proceed to embellish the discussions with other stories of abuse.

I am not condoning or dismissing the enormous impact of physical, mental or sexual abuse but I fail to understand why Catholics expose their faith to speculation and gossip.

It must be so distressful to all the nuns and priests who have sacrificed their lives in order to serve God and their fellow man.

Rather than resorting to hysteria and slander, we ought to take heed of Isaiah: “Let us sit down and reason”.

Elaine Walters,
Mount Martha, Vic.


As usual your film critic has produced a balanced review, this time of Spotlight (News Weekly, March 12, 2016). However, one important aspect of the scandal escaped the director of the movie and hence your reviewer.

Did any parents or indeed victims take up the issue with their politicians? It is hard to believe that what was going on in Boston, being the fiefdom of the Kennedys, did not reach the ears of that well-connected family.

Similarly, in Victoria it beggars belief that no politician of either side was aware of the rumours. How about the nitpicking Greens and their predecessors, the Australian Democrats?

So parents, victims, and politicians have been sitting on their hands and now it is all the fault of one man, Cardinal Pell – who at the height of the scandal was a junior priest.

This has been a monumental failure of law enforcement and no amount of scapegoating will deflect the source of the evil.

John R Barich,
Belmont, WA


Those three elephants


Your March 12 editorial inspired the following reflection.

Malcolm Turnbull would be on safer ground by extending a dignified grace to the three honourable “elephants” in his room, by allowing them to contribute to his government.

Does anyone recall Alexander Downer’s accession to the leadership of the Liberal Opposition?

Recall how the media feted him as the harbinger of Bob Hawke’s demise? Then, like the former cannibals of Irian Jaya, after fully deluding their witless prey, they turn upon them with knives, intently watching and savouring that moment of realisation and stark terror that fills the eyes of their victim.

Can we seriously believe that the same media that pivotally overwhelmed Tony Abbott with such vile hatred is now to restrain itself and not in turn abandon, if not openly attack, Mr Turnbull?

(Name withheld on request),
Blackburn South, Vic.


Women’s Day


Why do we commemorate International Women’s Day? I’ll believe gender equality has arrived when politicians tackle the chronic high levels of male suicide, male homelessness, and male unemployment and underemployment. Men have given away over a million jobs to women and yet feminists still want affirmative action to get more women into the workforce.

Are women staying at home to have babies? No. Rather 40 per cent of mothers with young children under five are in the workforce. Due to the high participation of women in the workforce, our birthrate has fallen to 1.8, well below replacement levels.

Slowly but surely men are being marginalised and their rights trampled as typified by a social system focused almost exclusively on women. People rightly are opposed to violence against women; but the campaign to vilify men as perpetrators only and to treat women solely as victims is grossly to distort the present situation.

Research in Britain has shown that reported incidents of domestic violence are almost split down the middle among both genders. Men also are three times more likely than women to be hospitalised as a result of violence inflicted by another male.

It’s time legislators stopped seeing society as some sort of battleground between women and men. Rather, society is made up of family units, men and women together trying to do the best they can to raise the next generation of Australians.

Alan Barron,
Grovedale, Vic.

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