July 18th 2015

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News Weekly, July 18, 2015

Celebrities on marriage


I, like most of your readers, am concerned about the way this debate is going. My theory is that the promotional arm of the same-sex marriage lobby has infiltrated the “celebrities” of the Western world and the popular media people have been sucked in. This has probably been happening over a long time and has developed deep roots among people who do not understand the value of the marriage sacrament and don’t care about the results. The roots of this have become so deep that we may have left it too late to make a serious response.

It is interesting that the article was originally published in The Age. I have tried to get letters published in other journals trying to get my message of traditional marriage across but the letters have not been published.

The masses in Australia seem to be easily led into trends in other Western countries. Note the euphoria in the media after the Irish referendum.

If we are to turn this debate around we have to make the “silent majority” aware of what dangers are afoot if the push for same-sex marriage continues. It is going to be extremely difficult because it will need the support of the popular media. I do not know how this can happen unless the clergy can be persuaded to come into the debate from the pulpits in a very strong way. I fear it may be too late already.

Stuart Beavis,

Bardon, Queensland


Theft of words


I am heartily fed up with being bombarded with the false propaganda about same-sex “marriage”. I have sent four letters to the Rockhampton Morning Bulletin. I think the editorial team is too politically correct to have them printed. They are as follows:

In recent years homosexual activists have seen fit to distort the English language for their own selfish purposes. One example is the word “Gay”. Proper gay marriage should be when a husband and wife treat each other as co-heirs of the Kingdom of God, and totally reject domestic violence. Do we need legislation or political noise for that?

Homosexual activists have distorted the Greek language of their own selfish purposes. The classic example is the term “Homophobia”. The English language has about 60 terms ending “phobia”, including claustrophobia. Homosexuals apparently regard themselves so at unease that they use homophobia to mean all sorts of misgivings. This is totally dishonest.

In recent years some public figures, including sporting athletics, have decided to announce they are “coming out”. This seems to mean they are declaring they are homosexual. This has to be totally useless information. Over the years I have been coming out of where I live to go to work, Sunday worship, or other reasons with no media fanfare at all. Coming out should mean to proceed from an enclosed space. The media has seen fit to follow the homosexual propaganda.

There has been a campaign about “marriage equality”. This of course is biologically impossible. It can never be possible for two people of the same gender to ever have an equally natural relationship as a married husband and wife. Same sex relationships are not natural, they have never natural, nor will they ever be natural. This not bigotry but hard biological fact.

Franklin Wood,

North Rockhampton, Qld.


Climate conundrum


You will need to consult a globe or several maps when reading this, and keep in mind that when ice melts at the Arctic it freezes at the Antarctic, and vice versa.

1) Northern hemisphere land masses on which snow/ice deposits in winter and remelts in summer are approximately:

12 million square miles on Asia (China, Mongolia, Siberia, India, etc.)

5 million square miles on North America (Alaska, Canada, US)

2 million square miles on northern Europe, Scandinavia, Russia.

19 million square miles total freezing/melting land mass

Plus the Arctic region, including the waters encompassed within northern Scandinavia, Siberia, Alaska, Canada and Greenland.

The melting of these frozen masses feeds all the enormous rivers of the northern hemisphere.

2) In the southern hemisphere, practically all the snow/ice deposits and melts on Antarctica and surrounding waters. This area is not greater than the Arctic region described above.  

Elsewhere in the southern hemisphere, snow/ice deposits and melts on the Andes (less than 10 per cent of South America), New Zealand, a handful of tiny specks in the Southern Ocean, Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Kosciusko, Mount Buller, and so on. Altogether a maximum of 1 million square miles.

3) This enormous discrepancy (19 to one) means that at the end of all northern summers (October-November) the oceans of the globe contain more water than at the end of the southern summers (April-May) equivalent to the snow/ice deposited and remelted on 18 million square miles of northern territories.

4) In spite of this huge perpetual seasonal imbalance, I am not aware of “regular” reports of exceptional floods, or high levels anywhere in October-November.

If the present seasonal imbalance has not been documented by now, in precise ocean-level seasonal discrepancies here and there, there is no way of conclusively proving that water level rises anywhere in the world when ice melts, because that water may freeze elsewhere.

Guy Caruana,


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