April 25th 2015

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School infants to be exposed to 'sexual diversity'

by Julia Patrick

News Weekly, April 25, 2015

School safety generally brings to mind traffic control or ensuring undesirables don’t gain access to school grounds, but the coming of the new, aggressive Safe Schools Coalition gives “safety” a whole new meaning.

Children can be incredibly cruel to each other and those who are fat, stutter or are a bit slow can be victimised verbally and physically. So Safe Schools Coalition’s rallying call is to stamp out violence and bullying. Who could object to that?

But under the guise of this caring, protective call to arms, SSC has only one focus – homophobic bullying – with its accompanying mantra to“support and celebrate sexual diversity in your school”.

Tapping into a common desire for “safety” is a clever marketing strategy, and together with the reassuring name – Safe Schools – it allows politicians to endorse a manipulative program that is pushing a particular agenda to young, vulnerable and immature school children – including primary students from age seven.

The Proud Schools program, with a similar agenda, has been running in NSW since it was introduced by Labor in 2010. While continuing the program, Liberal Education Minister Adrian Piccoli has seemed keen to keep it under the radar. But with SSC’s in-your-face program there’s nowhere to hide.

With the click of a button, a school “signs on”. School principals, always keen to add to their CV, aware of their union’s endorsement and perhaps taking the least line of resistance, are drawn into the net.

Then, thanks to the largess of federal and state governments, a school helps itself to a multitude of resources.

These include “raising awareness” with postcards, stickers and displaying posters announcing “This is a discrimination-free zone. Homophobia and transphobia will not be tolerated”.

Forming sexual diversity groups, such as a Queer-Straight Alliance, gets an encouraging thumbs up, whilebooklets such as OMG I’m Queer are promoted and “should be readily available in visible spaces such as the front office, library and common rooms”.

In case anyone has not read nor heeded these directives, SSC encourages students to “create a register of homophobic and transphobic incidents and what the school did in response”. Dobbing in, once associated with the tactics of dictatorships, is now being advocated in schools.

Staff are not let off the hook in any of these activities. They must “plan to teach about same-sex attracted, intersex and gender-diverse people, histories and events”and are instructed that “whatever the subject try and work out ways to integrate gender diversity and sexual diversity across your curriculum”. Maths would be a challenge, but the SSC provides “whole-of-staff training” and “plenty of books by lesbian, gay and bisexual, transgender and intersex authors”.

These “free” goodies are, of course, paid for by you and me.

As school uniforms are a worry for SSC, the Gender is not Uniform campaign is an important sidekick so students “can feel comfortable about exploring their own gender identity”. Posters feature an athletic-looking adolescent boy in a dress.

Confusion reigns, but that’s not a problem, it’s the aim.

So pronouns – he/she – indicating male or female, should be replaced by gender-neutral pronouns, Xe and Ey, and SSC helpfully advises that “a web app shows you different and less common pronouns and how to practise using them”.

While Safe Schools Coalition lends itself to ridicule and disbelief and reading its agenda is entering into the theatre of the absurd, absurdity is no barrier to implementation and SSC is dead serious.

The Safe Schools Coalition is determined to abolish traditional norms, to create uncertainty and division among students, teachers and parents, and turn society upside down to remake it in its own image.

And it’s doing it legally through our children, our schools and with our money.

Julia Patrick is a freelance Sydney writer on social issues.



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