February 28th 2015

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CANBERRA OBSERVED Time for Mr Abbott to level with the Australian people

NATIONAL AFFAIRS Coalition family package must include homemakers

SOCIETY Homosexual 'marriage'? First, listen to the children

WESTERN CIVILISATION The secular challenge to freedom of belief

NATIONAL AFFAIRS Human Rights Commission's partisanship exposed

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MILITARY AFFAIRS Stand-off war, hands-on war and cyber war

OPINION Call me a wowser, but too much sex ain't good for us

INDIGENOUS AFFAIRS The folly of Australia's public intellectuals

CINEMA The horror and pity of war: American Sniper


Ten harmful myths laid to rest

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News Weekly, February 28, 2015

News Weekly’s exposé of the Q Society and SION


I found Patrick J. Byrne’s article, “What’s behind the Australian Liberty Alliance?” (News Weekly, February 14, 2015), helpful and informative.

It told me many things I didn’t know and also confirmed other things that I suspected but for which I hadn’t previously found definitive evidence.

Mr Byrne’s essay seems to me to be rigorous, somewhat frightening, but calmly and constructively worded.I intend to encourage a number of my friends to read it.

Nobody wants to play down the seriousness of jihadist atrocities, but . . .

Over a 50-year medical career — treating thousands of Islamic patients, operating on hundreds of Muslims and having scores of Muslim interns, registrars and theatre nurses as assistants in Australia and overseas . . .

I never found them to be threatening. Their human nature overall seemed little better or worse than the Anglo-Celtic community in which I was brought up.

Groups like the Q Society of Australia, Inc., Stop Islamisation of Nations (SION), etc., worry me. I fear they are unbalanced — unjustifiably negative, hostile, suspicious and uncharitable regarding the general Muslim community.

Arnold Jago,
Nichols Point, Vic.


News Weekly’s timely exposé


Thank you for publishing Pat Byrne’s article, Patrick J. Byrne’s article, “What’s behind the Australian Liberty Alliance?” (News Weekly, February 14, 2015) — a timely, evidence-based and persuasive exposé of the so-called “Q Society of Australia” and its crackpot connections here and overseas.

Yes, one can find strong support in the Koran for a number of scary things: dhimmitude (treating non-believers as second-class citizens), taqiyya (sanctioned lying in defence of Islam), special taxes to be levied against Christians, and so on.

One can also find in the Old Testament divine injunctions to commit genocide on one’s enemies down to their last child and pet lamb, and other hilarious injunctions originally intended in all seriousness.

I once asked a well-known anti-Islamic advocate (who seriously thinks God has allowed 1.4 billion of his children to be Satanically-inspired) to name one or two recognised governments that impose special taxes on Christians, and he could not name one. Nor could he name a recognised government that advocated dhimmitude.

As far as I’m aware, no member-state of the UN imposes a special tax on Christians or forces them to “walk in the gutter”.

This qualified Christian minister thought genocide against the Canaanites was a “special case”, justified and God-sanctioned, and had never heard of Jesuitical taqiyya (“mental reservation”, “equivocation” in defence of the faith).

His convictions were unshakeable — no way would he be awakened from his nightmare.

Philip Ayres,
Glen Iris, Vic.


History dismissed as fiction


Recently I was reminded of how the Left regards the intelligence of their fellow Australians, when John Howard spoke to a Melbourne audience about his book, The Menzies Era: The Years that Shaped Modern Australia (reviewed in News Weekly, November 8, 2014).

There were hoots of laughter as Mr Howard described how Labor federal Opposition leader Dr H.V. Evatt, after the defection to Australia of Soviet KGB officer Vladmir Petrov and his wife in 1954, tabled in federal parliament a letter he had received from Soviet Foreign Minister Molotov assuring him that there was no Soviet espionage in Australia!

Evatt’s bizarre behaviour received even greater derision 60 years ago, and helped precipitate the 1955 Labor Split.

I was reminded of how an article, “Australia’s secret (and unhistorical) war”, posted on the ABC’s online opinion journal, The Drum (December 11, 2014), dismissed as fiction Hal Colebatch’s book, Australia’s Secret War: How Unionists Sabotaged Our Troops in World War II, which had recently been joint-winner of the Prime Minister’s history prize.

Doubt of course was cast on the testimony of scores of ex-servicemen after 60 years. But — shades of Dr Evatt’s gaffe — the supposed clincher is the absence of any corroboration of Colebatch’s claims in the archives of the communist-led Waterside Workers Federation!

The article’s author himself, Professor Peter Stanley, was awarded the Prime Minister’s history prize in 2011 for his exposé, Bad Characters: Sex, Crime, Mutiny, Murder and the Australian Imperial Force. All patriotic stuff, no doubt?

John Morrissey,
Hawthorn, Vic.


A second virginity?


Parents may find it instructive to find out in what direction our governments want to go in educating schoolchildren.

If you download from Google the 36-page booklet, OMG I’m Queer, designed by Safe Schools Coalition, on page 10 it informs schoolchildren: “Virginity is whatever you think it is… I ended up … having two virginities, my first time with a chick, and my first time with a dude.”

A 12-page resource guide, Gender Is Not Uniform, on page 7 declares: “Allow students to access a unisex toilet or the toilet of their choice.” The quote is under the headline: “Get active”.

If parents want to “get active” in resisting these Safe Schools plans, they should do so now, and not wait until the scheme is all in place.

One may expect that this “education” could affect infants as young as 5 years old.

At least, plans to that extent are already being promoted in British schools from where Australian educationalists gets much of their inspiration.

Robert Bom,
West Rockhampton, Qld


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