February 14th 2015

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News Weekly, February 14, 2015

‘Medical’ marijuana?


The media are talking again about “medical marijuana”, mainly featuring not the “science”, but sensational anecdotes of “miracle cures”. 

In fact, there is scientific evidence that certain purified marijuana derivatives probably can help with pain, nausea, etc. 

What is certain is that letting marijuana into people’s hands via the chemist shop will do a lot of harm.

The question is: will the good outweigh the harm, or vice versa? We all know that addictive pain-relievers, already on prescription, get illegally re-sold at parties, clubs and on the street. 

Restrictions covering prescribed marijuana derivatives would need to be super-strict — and enforced better than we’ve ever previously managed with other addictive medicines. 

Marijuana is not a “soft” drug. Regular users suffer psychotic mental disease more than other people. Marijuana, as usually used, is a brain poison. It loves human brain tissue.

Any decision to legalise “medical marijuana” must not be taken lightly.

Arnold Jago,
Nichols Point, Vic. 


Privatisation is simply giving our assets away


Privatisation is simply giving our assets away. We can create our own money for our own projects. 

Before the Commonwealth Bank was privatised in the early 1990s, the late B.A. (“Bob”) Santamaria told me that the Reserve Bank of Australia and the Commonwealth Bank used to create all the money we needed in Australia to fund our own projects. I investigated, and found this to be so.

These days we don’t do that! Instead, we allow overseas banks and corporations to buy our assets, using money that they have created from thin air, using what is known as “quantitative easing”. Quantitative easing is creating money from “thin air”! 

These overseas banks then use what is effectively small change or pocket money to buy our assets such as electricity companies, and then charge us interest on the “money”. 

It is a huge fraud designed to enslave us, as they tried to do with Iceland, and have done to Greece. 

Don’t sell off our assets and further enslave us! Set up a new national bank so that we Australians can use our own money to create a better Australia. 

Clem Clarke,
West Perth, WA


Charlotte Dawson baby heartache ignored


The BeyondBlue CEO, Ms Georgie Harman, in a letter that appeared in the Rockhampton Morning Bulletin (January 1, 2015), as well as in other newspapers across Australia, wrote: 

“In many respects 2014 has been a testing year. The deaths of Robin Williams and Charlotte Dawson, for example, saw an outpouring of community feeling and a never-before-seen willingness to talk openly about depression, anxiety and suicide.” 

My recollection is that the true nature of the problems that led to Charlotte’s suicide, at her home in Woolloomooloo, New South Wales, on February 22 last year, were publicly avoided. Our mainstream media studiously ignored Charlotte’s diary notes on the cause of her grief: that is, her regrets that, 15 years previously, she had aborted the child she had with swimmer Scott Miller. 

NSW upper-house MP, the Rev. Fred Nile, was castigated mercilessly for being insensitive when he discussed the surrounding issues. 

Victorian-based psychologist and author Anne Lastman, who has worked as a post-abortion grief counsellor for nearly 12 years, told us at a meeting in Rockhampton that had she known of Charlotte’s problems she would have sought her out and offered her the help she needed.

Our reflections on life will improve when the community cherishes life, born or unborn.

Robert Bom,
West Rockhampton, Qld


Assassinations? News Weekly can’t be serious! 


I was astounded to read the article, “Assassinations should be ‘safe, legal and rare’ ” (News Weekly, January 31, 2015).

I read News Weekly because you generally publish well-argued articles on topics that the mainstream media avoid; but are we really expected to take this article seriously?

Rarely have I had the misfortune to read such rubbish. 

Michael Arnold,
South Coogee, NSW


Editor’s reply

The article in the last News Weekly, “Assassinations should be ‘safe, legal and rare’”, is not meant to be taken seriously. It is satire!

The article’s author, John Young, is one of Australia’s most distinguished philosophers — and someone who, as I also happen to know, frequently participates in prayer vigils outside abortion clinics.

In his News Weekly article he has employed the well-known Socratic method of reductio ad absurdum (sometimes known as argumentum ad absurdum) to discredit arguments in favour of abortion and euthanasia, by showing how outrageous similar arguments would be if they were used to justify the legalisation of contract-killing by professionals!

No, John Young’s “argument” is most certainly not official News Weekly policy, nor is it ever likely to be. It is meant to shock people and wake them up to how depraved Western modernity has become.

John Ballantyne,
News Weekly,
Balwyn, Vic.

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