September 27th 2014

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BOOK REVIEW Sombre appraisal of the 'good war'

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News Weekly, September 27, 2014

Media silence about Victoria’s shame


As the date for the Victorian state election draws near, almost nothing is being heard from the media about the most important issue of all: the murder of preborn babies.

This is the principal cause of death in Australia, ahead of cancer and heart disease. In Victoria abortion on demand is legal: the deliberate killing of any baby right up to birth, provided two doctors agree.

The legislation was passed in 2008 by a small majority, and includes the provision that doctors who disagree about an abortion are bound by law to refer the woman to an abortionist.

Mothers, often coerced into having an abortion, will suffer the psychological effects for the rest of their lives — and often physical effects as well. The way is opened for euthanasia, and society tends to be brutalised by the abortion mentality.

All voters need to ascertain where candidates stand on this issue and to refuse to vote for those who advocate abortion. Information can be obtained from the Right to Life Associations.

Voters should also be aware that the right to abortion is a plank in the Australian Labor Party’s platform.

John Young,
Melbourne, Vic.


Bullying at school


The Safe Schools Coalition Australia, to be rolled out in 2015, could threaten our youth and do nothing for bullying.

One of the ideas is to allow transgender and intersex students to use their preferred sex toilets and change rooms and play sport with their preferred sex teams.

Young people can go through different feelings of sex, but mostly go back to the natural state as they grow up.

A lot of pressure is put onto children at the stage where they need time to prepare for maturity and success in life.

What is the political ideology behind the program, we may ask?

Bullying can easily turn into reverse-bullying.

School time was designed to be a solid foundation for life and not a time to disrupt the emotions of children.

Parents can help by telling members of parliament they do not want a bar of this intrusion into children’s lives.

Robert Bom,
West Rockhampton, Qld

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